16 Jun 2020

Exploring domain name genericness: what to expect from the Supreme Court’s decision in the BOOKING.COM case

The Supreme Court’s forthcoming decision in USPTO v Booking.com is likely to address the broader question of when a domain name can serve as an indicator of source, and the often-unclear line between generic and descriptive terms. The webinar will discuss how the court is likely to tackle these issues and offer practical guidance for practitioners.

28 May 2020

Winning the fight against fakes through collaboration - featuring Wish.com

Everything you should know about combating brand abuse and online counterfeiting by partnering with e-commerce platforms.

14 May 2020

9 June 2020 - Tips on tracking and tackling multi-platform online brand infringement

Faced with an ever-growing challenge to protect brands online, there are a number of practical measures that can be taken to resolve disputes, whether within the internal procedures of a platform or outside of them.


22 Apr 2020

19 May 2020 - How Covid-19 is changing domain strategies and IP's role in generating loyalty and revenue

Strategically deploying unique digital assets can go a long way towards building customer loyalty. IP professionals are in a key position to identify the right assets and in doing so demonstrate value in building customer loyalty and revenue. Read more

9 Apr 2020

Brand Protection at a time of hyper-criticism

Register your interest now. Read more

31 Mar 2020

Bad faith in trademark law: Sky PLC v Skykick

The Court of Justice of the European Union’s landmark judgment is set to have a significant impact on trademark practice in the EU. This webinar explores what applicants and their representatives need to know. Read more

27 Jan 2020

2020 trends: How digitisation is advancing the fight against IP crime (part 2)

The synergy between analogue and digital techniques can go a long way in uncovering and combating counterfeit networks in the modern world. Read more

12 Dec 2019

2020 trends: futureproofing your brand protection strategy (part 1)

Even with evolving legislation, counterfeit sellers keep finding ways to exploit new channels. However, protection strategies can also evolve. Read more

17 Jul 2019

Measuring the ROI of online brand protection featuring research from Forrester

As brands increasingly rely on selling online, they open up more opportunities for growth. However, this also exposes them to a greater risk of infringement online. Read more

1 Dec 2016

Cybersecurity and Incident Response Planning for Lawyers and Law Firms

Technology empowers lawyers and law firms – but also enormously enlarges the risks they face. Read more