In World Trademark Review’s roundtable features, trademark counsel debate current industry issues, presenting strategic advice, best practice and insider know-how.

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Avoiding the pitfalls of operating online

September/October 2008
WTR 15

The case for Germany

March/April 2008
WTR 12

Meeting the Indian challenge

January/February 2008
WTR 11

Building the brand

November/December 2007
WTR 10

Different but the same

September/October 2007
WTR 09

The view from down under

July/August 2007
WTR 08

Making sense of the Internet

March/April 2007
WTR 06

The truth about trademarks in China

January/February 2007
WTR 05

Meeting the pharma challenge

November/December 2006
WTR 04

The Latin perspective

September/October 2006
WTR 03

A European success story

July/August 2006
WTR 02

The state of the Union

May/June 2006
WTR 01