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Issue 53

February/March 2015

Publicity and image rights

Issue #53

Issue 52

December 2014/January 2015

Designs and trade dress

Issue #52

Issue 51

October/November 2014

Domain name management

Issue #51

Issue 50

August/September 2014


Issue #50
  • Anti-counterfeiting

    Vietnam has developed substantive laws to fight the counterfeiting threat read more

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    While the border measures in Saudi Arabia have proven to be more effective than those in the United Arab Emirates, the UAE market agencies tend to produce more consistent results than their Saudi counterparts read more

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    Italy has two legislative tools which can serve as a useful alternative to civil protection in certain cases: criminal prosecution and border measures read more

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    While effective steps and remedies are available to rights holders in the United States, anti-counterfeiting success requires vigilance and aggressive action read more

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    The Canadian government is stepping up efforts to halt infringing goods at the border read more

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    Dealing with counterfeiting in China is an uphill battle, but a strategic and well-thought-out action plan can help to alleviate stress and misunderstanding read more

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    Rights holders in Poland can protect their intellectual property through both civil and criminal proceedings read more

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    Mexican authorities should review not only the law, but also their interpretation of it in order to implement more efficient anti-counterfeiting policies read more

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    India has a robust legal framework for combating counterfeiting and piracy. However, much still needs to be done to simplify enforcement procedures read more