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WTR 86

January/February 2021

Publicity and image rights

  • EU image rights: when the product is us

    Bugnion SpA

    In the absence of a harmonised EU law on image rights, individuals are forced to rely on a combination of copyright and human rights claims to protect their most unique asset online – their own image. read more

  • How to protect your most valuable rights: publicity and image

    Kenaroğlu Avukatlik Burosu

    With millions of images shared online every day, striking a balance between the rights of the individual and freedom of expression is a complex task. Thankfully, various regulations can offer protection in the absence of specific publicity and image rights. read more

  • My name, my face, your trademark? Protecting publicity and image rights in China

    Kangxin Partners PC

    A series of high-profile cases has seen publicity and image rights in the spotlight in recent years. Although the laws protecting these rights can be broad, a well-thought-out strategy with evidence of reputation will see celebrities triumph over bad-faith filers. read more

  • Social media and the right of publicity: what advertisers need to know

    Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP

    With no US federal right of publicity and the distinction between celebrities and non-celebrities becoming increasingly arbitrary, companies looking to advertise their products through the likenesses of individuals must be up to date with the latest case law in order to get a clear picture of the risks involved. read more

  • Why Mexico needs clearer publicity rights

    Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff

    With image rights protected mainly by the Federal Copyright Law, the overlap between an individual’s right to control use of their image and the automatic copyright established on behalf of an author can lead to courtroom conflicts. read more

WTR 85

September/October 2020

Design and trade dress

WTR 84

July/August 2020


WTR 83

April/May 2020

Well-known and famous marks