India: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2018/19

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Detailed articles exploring the key themes that emerge across the IP lifecycle in India


Start-ups, data privacy and trade secrets

Anand and Anand
For many start-ups, the data they possess is their biggest source of value. These fledgling companies must have a defined strategy for protecting data as both a business asset and an IP right.

Protecting trade secrets in India

RNA Technology and IP Attorneys
One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is the protection of their confidential business information. Not all types of information qualify for protection under the patent and copyright laws, but India offers avenues for trade secret protection.

Protection of GUIs under the Designs Act

Obhan & Associates
Everything you need to know about protecting graphical user interface designs in India.

India’s CRI patent examination guidelines: three revisions, three visions

Khurana and Khurana Advocates & IP Attorneys
Despite – or perhaps because of – the three attempts by the Indian Patent Office to establish guidelines on computer-related inventions (CRIs), a great deal of confusion remains. This chapter looks into the evolution of the guidelines and what it means for IT businesses.

The interplay between patents and anti-competitive practices

Inttl Advocare
Antitrust laws aim to foster competition in the market by preventing abuse of dominant positions – which patent rights naturally create. But the two fields of law are not necessarily antithetical, as both aim to balance interests and protect public interests.

Protecting intellectual property in media and entertainment

Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan
With more growth and investment, new players on the rise and rapid advancements in technology, the protection and enforcement of intellectual property has gained more importance in media and entertainment. A number of pressing issues related to this sector have come to the fore in India.