EUIPO launches GIview as US association pledges renewed fight against EU's regime

A week after the EUIPO released a new search database for all geographical indications protected at EU level, the Consortium for Common Food Names (CCFN) has laid down the gauntlet by pledging to “stand up to the EU's destructive GI agenda”.

EUIPO launches GIview as US association pledges renewed fight against EU's regime
Amazon v InfoHealth and the reality of David versus Goliath trademark cases
3 Dec 2020

Amazon v InfoHealth and the reality of David versus Goliath trademark cases

In late November UK media reports seized on allegations of trademark bullying on the part of Amazon. However, this guest post   argues that the situation was more nuanced than reported.

One week left to make nominations for the 2021 <em>WTR</em> Industry Awards and <em>WTR</em> <em>300</em> projects
3 Dec 2020

One week left to make nominations for the 2021 WTR Industry Awards and WTR 300 projects

Act now to ensure that the important work undertaken by in-house practitioners across the world receives the credit that it deserves.


3 Dec

Full Federal Court confirms that URBAN ALE is descriptive and deceptively similar

Following on from the Australian Federal Court's decision in February this year, the Full Federal Court has agreed that the word ‘urban’, when used in relation to beer, is descriptive as it conveys the notion that the product "was brewed in a city location". Read more

3 Dec

Partial cancellations under the new Mexican IP law

One of the most significant changes brought about by the new Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property is the introduction of partial cancellation actions, which should bring several benefits to the Mexican IP system. Read more

3 Dec

“A unique and nuanced landscape” – first major study released into gender and race in US trademark prosecution

Groundbreaking study analyses over three decades of USPTO registration data to document patterns of gender and racial bias in US trademark prosecution. Read more


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2 Dec 2020

Live updates: IP offices implement measures in wake of coronavirus crisis

As the novel coronavirus epidemic continues to spread across the globe, WTR provides an updated look at measures that national IP offices have launched in response. Read more

1 Dec 2020

BrewDog trademark dispute regret; CJEU rejects wine bottle; Clarivate acquires Hanlim IPS – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at spoon-bender Uri Geller giving his permission to use a Pokemon after a two-decade dispute, Spin Master signing a licensing deal with Warner Bros, and much more. Read more

30 Nov 2020

Ranked: the IP offices with the most accessible web platforms

New data from WTR identifies the national IP offices with websites that are most accessible for users, including those with vision or motor impairment. Read more

30 Nov 2020

WTR Innovators: who are the individuals pushing the trademark industry forward?

WTR is seeking to identify and recognise the innovators in the trademark industry, and we are currently looking for nominations for the individuals or initiatives that are shaping the future of trademark and brand protection work. Read more


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1 Dec 2020

How to use LinkedIn to promote trademark insight

WTR speaks to three trademark experts on how they have utilised the platform and the benefits that it can bring. Read more

27 Nov 2020

“An indelible milestone”: first ARIPO GI registration is step towards Africa-wide regime

An ARIPO spokesperson says that it will “help promote the branding of African products and help them access the global market”. Read more

26 Nov 2020

Kenya publishes new guidebooks on fighting fakes

The National Council on the Administration of Justice and the Kenya Association of Manufacturers prove that a multi-agency approach is key to fighting counterfeits in the country. Read more

24 Nov 2020

Michael Gleissner: massive scope of trademark and domain portfolio revealed in exclusive data

A major new investigation from WTR has identified over 6,800 trademarks and 6,900 domain names that appear to be related to multi-millionaire and serial trademark filer Michael Gleissner. Read more

Legal updates

2 Dec 2020

Good news for Allergan as General Court confirms genuine use of JUVEDERM ULTRA in Class 5

This decision of the EU General Court in revocation proceedings serves as a reminder that trademark applicants must proceed with caution and ensure that the description of the goods/services corresponds to the intended use of the mark. Read more

2 Dec 2020

IP Vietnam tightens requirements regarding authorised signatories in IP procedures

IP Vietnam has issued Notice No 13822, which establishes stricter requirements for legal representatives of IP rights applicants to sign documents on their behalf. One issue, however, is that the notice does not specify the date on which the new practice will come into effect. Read more

1 Dec 2020

Are mobile phones really little computers?

In opposition proceedings against LG Electronics Inc's application for K7, the EU General Court has confirmed that "smart phones", "mobile phones" and "wearable smart phones" are similar to "computers". Read more

1 Dec 2020

Appeal ends on a high note for X Factor's James Arthur

This decision of the appointed person, on appeal from a decision of the UKIPO, highlights that trademark owners should ensure that they have made a real effort to create or maintain a share in the relevant market. Read more

30 Nov 2020

Deutsche Post defeated in opposition against ‘post horn’ mark

Deutsche Post is well known for asserting its trademark rights against competitors. In the present case, however, it was unsuccessful in its attempt to oppose the registration of a mark consisting of a stylised horn on a yellow background by Pošta Slovenije. Read more


23 Sep 2020

Copyright’s revenge on designs: Italian Supreme Court applies CJEU Cofemel ruling

An Italian Supreme Court decision concerning the layout of Kiko make-up stores is a welcome sign of the harmonising effect of the Court of Justice of the European Union’s Cofemel ruling, but could open the door to the protection of 3D designs with little originality or that are mainly functional. Read more

23 Sep 2020

How to determine the best form of protection for a product’s appearance

Trade dress may be the go-to choice for protecting a product’s appearance or configuration, but other IP rights have plenty to offer. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Getting creative: when to protect trade dress under trademark or competition law

In the absence of trade dress-specific legislation, rights holders in China must manoeuvre around the Trademark Law and the Anti-unfair Competition Law if they are to protect their unique designs effectively. Read more

23 Sep 2020

The pros and cons of industrial designs, trademarks and trade dress

Having a distinct look is the best way for a product to stand out from the competition, but as Mexico awaits further guidance on new trade dress provisions, how should brand owners choose the right protection for their designs? Read more


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10 - 11 December

Brand Strategy China 2020

Brand Strategy China 2020 will be held as a dedicated virtual programme comprising four sessions spread across two half days - on 3 and 4 December 2020. As in previous years, this will be a highly focused programme delivering practical, actionable takeaways for professionals tasked with protecting the integrity and maximising the value of their brands across Greater China. With insights from both domestic and international brand owners, plus key government agency representatives, Brand Strategy China 2020 is a unique forum which drills down into best practice and draws on the unique perspectives of the visionaries at the forefront of the industry. All sessions will be bilingual with simultaneous English and Mandarin translations.

Brand Strategy Southeast Asia 2021

With global trade tensions showing no signs of abating, Southeast Asia looks set to benefit as manufacturers shift strategic facilities into the region - further boosting the burgeoning tech and R&D sectors. However, this growth will place unprecedented pressures on an already uneven IP landscape and rights-owners, both international and home-grown, will need to navigate with care.

Against this background, IAM is pleased to announce the return of our combined programme: IPBC Southeast Asia, hosted by IAM, and Brand Strategy Southeast Asia, presented by World Trademark Review, to the Grand Hyatt Singapore on 27 October 2020.

27-28 March

IP Risk Management 2021

IP is one of the most important assets a business can own and is increasingly prominent on the corporate agenda. While budgets get tighter and resources scarcer, threats continue to grow. All the while, IP leaders must ensure they are protecting their assets and proactively mitigating the risks surrounding them.

IAM and WTR’s IP Risk Management event, live on Zoom on January 27 and 28 2021, will focus on key strategies, best practices and lessons learned for identifying, measuring and mitigating IP risk.

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