Amazon overtakes Microsoft to top intangible value ranking; research calls for “revolution” in accounting has overtaken Microsoft as the company boasting the highest level of intangible value. However, the picture is different when only disclosed intangible value is considered.

Amazon overtakes Microsoft to top intangible value ranking; research calls for “revolution” in accounting
16 Oct 2018

Louis Vuitton takedown spree, Poundland relaunches Twin Peaks bar, and a proposal for next round of ‘.brand’ TLDs: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a Malaysian minister promoting the Madrid Protocol, food conglomerates moving to revamp their portfolios, and more.

16 Oct 2018

How Canada’s new cannabis regime will impact a range of brands and law firms

With Canada set to legalise recreational cannabis, our latest opinion column looks at why trademark counsel should watch this development closely.


17 Oct

Success for Deckers as court rules that "ugg" is not generic for type of boot

In Deckers Outdoor v Australian Leather, the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has held on summary judgment that the defendant had failed to prove that "ugg" was generic for a type of sheepskin boot.   Read more

17 Oct

BALLDRIVE decision highlights IP Court’s strict approach to assessing distinctiveness of word marks

Taiwan’s IP Court has upheld a refusal to register the mark BALLDRIVE for goods in Class 7. The decision shows that a mark may be considered descriptive even when it has been coined by the applicant. Read more

16 Oct

Significant increase in non-use cancellation actions - what mark owners should know

Owners of marks not currently active in South Korea should take note of data recently published by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, which showed that the number of non-use cancellation actions has significantly increased in recent years. Read more


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12 Oct 2018

Coca-Cola dispute sparks censorship debate, Alfred Dunhill scores big in China, and Belt and Road IP cooperation: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at how brands should share bad news, why Chinese companies have been accused of “poor branding”, Silk Road member states strengthening IP cooperation, and more. Read more

12 Oct 2018

Access the latest brand protection and management strategies for China

World Trademark Review is pleased to unveil the programme for the third annual Brand Strategy China event, which takes place in Shanghai on 3 December 2018. Read more

9 Oct 2018

Victory for Chanel, Samoa moves closer to Madrid, and how Google+ shutdown could affect brand owners: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at the EUIPO celebrating design rights, MaxxOil hitting back against “baseless” media reports, the Saudi IP office pledging more international cooperation, and much more. Read more

5 Oct 2018

Kavanaugh testimony sparks beer trademark, Canada Goose admits fakes are beneficial, and UK food fraud concern: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at Colombia’s national IP office launching an accelerated trademark form for commercial brands, Toys-R-Us cancelling its brand auction, and much more. Read more


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15 Oct 2018

“A good move for the development of IP on the African continent” – ARIPO, OAPI and WIPO pledge more cooperation

The three organisations have signed an agreement pledging increased technical cooperation, and is a continuation of rising IP collaboration in Africa. Read more

15 Oct 2018

Genericism: is the trademark education video the new norm?

The recent Velcro video was highly successful in generating discussion about the use of the company’s trademark, providing crucial insight into brand communication strategies. Read more

11 Oct 2018

Why big spenders shun luxury brands when counterfeits hit the market

A new study reveals that high-earning consumers buy less authentic luxury goods if high-quality counterfeit variants are available – and provides some important pointers on how high-end brands can fight back. Read more

11 Oct 2018

Chief Wahoo has left the stadium but the logo lives on – for legal, not commercial, reasons

The Cleveland Indians’ playoff exit this week also marked the final on-field use of its contentious Chief Wahoo logo. But the team remains under fire over the availability of merchandise bearing the mark. Read more

Legal updates

16 Oct 2018

General Court: mere fact that goods are different makes it possible to rule out any likelihood of confusion

In Grendene SA v EUIPO, the General Court has confirmed that there was no likelihood of confusion between the mark HIPANEMA for jewellery and earlier IPANEMA marks for footwear. Read more

15 Oct 2018

Can beer that is not brewed in Lucerne be labelled as “beer from Lucerne”? The Supreme Court decides

The Swiss Supreme Court has held that beer sold under the name Lozärner beer (“beer from Lucerne”) would mislead the average consumer into believing that it was brewed in the city or canton of Lucerne. Read more

15 Oct 2018

UDRP complainants beware: personal names must be trademarks to benefit from UDRP

A recent decision involving the domain name ‘’ highlights that the UDRP was simply intended to provide relief to trademark holders, not to address matters such as defamation or other torts. Read more

12 Oct 2018

No Yin and Yang here: only one may experience TAI CHI for tea

In Tai Chi Green Tea Inc v Diamond Hong, the US Federal Circuit has affirmed a TTAB decision to cancel a registration after the TTAB refused to consider the registrant’s reply brief and the evidence included in the main brief.    Read more

12 Oct 2018

China's Supreme People's Court releases regulations on Internet Courts – key points highlighted

China's Supreme People's Court has promulgated regulations clarifying the jurisdiction of the Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou Internet Courts, as well as various procedural matters pertinent to the adjudication of cases by these courts. Read more


12 Sep 2018

The future of trademarks

Global brand owners face increasing challenges in protecting, managing and enforcing their IP rights. These include challenges arising from new technologies, new business models and new markets. Read more

12 Sep 2018

Trademark procedures and strategies: Japan

 The Examination Guidelines for Trademarks also play an important role in the examination of trademark applications at the Japan Patent Office (JPO). The most recent revisions to the examination guidelines took place in April 2017, which include clarifying the criteria for judging the similarities between trademarks. Read more

12 Sep 2018

Trademark procedures and strategies: Italy

Italy has a first-to-file system, therefore unregistered trademarks enjoy a lesser degree of protection than registered trademarks. Only in exceptional circumstances can an unregistered trademark prevail over a later registered trademark. Read more

12 Sep 2018

Trademark procedures and strategies: Israel

While the Trademark Ordinance predominantly provides protection for registered trademarks, it also protects unregistered well-known trademarks. Read more


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25 Oct

IPBC Australasia 2018

Built on IAM’s extensive relationships within the Australian and NZ IP communities, IPBC Australasia is specifically designed for senior IP executives at the region’s leading corporates, research institutions and governmental agencies, plus emerging companies from across the industry spectrum.

2-4 Dec

IPBC Asia 2018

The Asia-Pacific region is cementing its position as the focus point for the international IP market as its rapid development drives deal making, IP investment and litigation trends. Against this background, IAM is pleased to be returning to Shanghai for the sixth IPBC Asia, hosted at the Ritz-Carlton Pudong on December 2 to 4 2018.

28 Jan

Managing Trademark Assets Europe 2019

As brands grow, new markets open up, the online world expands and social media presence is enhanced, both opportunities and infringement result. But while responsibilities grow, for many resources and budgets do not. World Trademark Review’s Managing Trademark Assets Europe will provide insights and best practice for cost-effectively managing trademark portfolios.

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