The Hungarian market continues to be dominated by a handful of well-established, family-rooted general practices whose quality and reputation endure. International powerhouses have also gained a foothold and are often tasked with managing the portfolios of global brand owners. However, several vibrant young boutiques are rapidly gaining ground, thanks to their creative thinking and dedication to client care. The country’s newly IP-aware enterprises are increasingly viewing these as an attractive alternative to the incumbents.


Danubia – Sár & Partners
Szecskay Attorneys at Law
Bogsch & Partners
Gödölle, Kékes, Mészáros & Szabó
Kajtár Takács Hegymegi-Barakonyi Baker McKenzie Attorneys at Law
Knight Bird & Bird Iroda
Bogsch & Partners
Intellectual property is a central pillar of Bogsch & Partners’ broader commercial practice. Whatever the trademark need, it is adroitly met by the firm’s versatile partners, who have a 360-degree understanding of brand protection. This is best exemplified by Tamás Gödölle, whose immersion in business law and the different facets of IP law makes him a clear-sighted, astute practitioner, whether dealing with strategic trademark management or enforcement.
Danubia – Sár & Partners
With a long and distinguished history, Danubia is the country’s largest trademark and patent agency. It works hand in hand with sister law firm Sár & Partners, which handles contentious briefs, to provide a comprehensive offering. Teamwork is the watchword at Danubia – Sár & Partners, whose ‘four-eyes’ policy for complex instructions ensures the highest-quality service. With 15 years of experience under her belt, Judit Lantos has a sterling reputation for prosecution strategy, licensing agreements, opposition proceedings and dispute resolution. Enforcement hotshot Ildikó Komor Hennel excels at disputes and anti-counterfeiting; he recently prevailed in a ‘David v Goliath’ suit before the Court of Appeal between a Hungarian individual and a sporting mega-brand. All-rounder Zsófia Klauber deftly handles the full spectrum of trademark legal services and boasts additional expertise in domain names and corporate law. The firm’s most seasoned practitioner is director of trademark operations Éva Szigeti, who has chalked up decades at the coalface. A font of soft IP wisdom, she sits on the board of the Hungarian Trademark Association. Rising star Balázs Csányi is a trademark and copyright maven whose courtroom performances never fail to impress.
Gödölle, Kékes, Mészáros & Szabó
One of Hungary’s premier trademark and patent agencies, Gödölle Kékes Mészáros & Szabó also offers contentious services in addition to its prosecution and opposition work. Competitors hail it as “an excellent firm whose practice is characterised by great ability and technical knowledge”. The venerable István Gödölle has every trick up his sleeve when it comes to prosecution strategy. Dynamic young partner Marcell Kereszty is at the vanguard of the new guard at the firm. Efficient, thorough and diligent, this consummate professional dispenses carefully considered, easily implementable advice.
Kajtár Takács Hegymegi-Barakonyi Baker McKenzie Attorneys at Law
The Budapest branch of Baker McKenzie is a force to be reckoned on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide. Firmly plugged into the legal titan’s sprawling global network, the Hungarian contingent executes flawlessly on instructions from a slew of international heavyweights. It is a fierce gladiator in the fight against fakes and has developed its own cutting-edge software to assist in customs monitoring. Team co-head Zsófia Lendvai is “extremely strong in managing clients’ trademarks, outstanding in infringement proceedings” and a safe pair of hands for even the most demanding briefs. A key member of Baker McKenzie’s European IP group, she has an outlook that transcends national borders. Managing partner Zoltán Hegymegi-Barakonyi is a seasoned IP lawyer and crack litigator; valuable ancillary knowledge of competition law proves especially useful where this overlaps with brand protection issues. The two handle the Hungarian trademark portfolios of many elite global brands, including Swarovski and Jumeirah.
Knight Bird & Bird Iroda
Bird & Bird’s Hungarian contingent consistently upholds the elevated standards that brand owners have come to expect from the firm worldwide. The team “is professional, motivated and thorough, and has excellent client-handling skills”. Its “plainspoken, solutions-oriented advice comes with a valuable touch of industry knowledge and the clear mapping of possible courses of action to advance clients’ interests”. “Knowledgeable and well prepared for each case”, Bálint Halász is an adept, forward-thinking portfolio manager who can also hammer out favourable results in disputes, whether in court or in alternative forums. Recently promoted, he is now Counsel at the firm. Having written his doctoral thesis on IT law, he is also a sage when it comes to copyright and domain name issues. Commended by clients for her flawless coordination of pan-European briefs, the “young and enthusiastic” Bettina Kövecses “combines her passion for innovative projects with a thorough legal understanding of what businesses face on a day-to-day basis, from general contract issues to IP protection strategies”.

Progressive and innovative outfit Oppenheim has won a loyal following among clients of all stripes, from multinational giants to pioneering domestic start-ups. Efficiency of service and precision drafting are hallmarks of its service. Áron László captains the soft IP team, having cut his teeth at gold-ranked firm SBGK. The “illustrious expert in trademark and domain name law” is “a very clever attorney who keeps getting better. Business oriented, responsive and articulate, he understands why brands are vital for the client and how to use the law to maximise those benefits. He is on the spot to advise when an issue arises, but never loses sight of the bigger picture. He exceeds the expected standards in contentious circumstances”. László has the additional distinction of being an adjunct professor at the Péter Catholic University School of Law.

One of Hungary’s premier boutiques, SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys “makes good use of the latest technology and its highly professional team contains some brilliant young and energetic lawyers”. Managing partner Katalin Szamosi is hailed for her prosecution nous and intimate familiarity with advertising regulations. The razor-sharp Péter Lukácsi continues to share and expand his knowledge: he lectures at the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences and won a research scholarship at Germany’s Max Planck Institute of Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law. Gabriella Sasvári has insider insight into the workings of the national IP body, having spent five years at the forerunner of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office. Among other things, she is a thoughtful and effective mediator.
Szecskay Attorneys at Law
The “intellectually robust and experienced” IP team at full-service outfit Szecskay Attorneys at Law “is one of the very best in Hungary. The lawyers are very accessible, give clear advice and always provide effective, problem-solving solutions”. The firm delights clients with its sparkling track record of successes and sophisticated grasp of the interplay between IP law and sector-specific regulations. Gusztáv Bacher is a “talented professional with deep academic knowledge who is quick to understand the requirements of a case. He is precise, efficient and works at a fast pace. Brilliant in all fields of IP law, he is a particularly superb litigator”. Bacher has published many articles and presides over both the Intellectual Property Expert Committee and the Copyright Expert Committee of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office. Managing director András Szecskay is a high flier in trademarks, media and advertising, whose corporate know-how means that his IP advice is resolutely commercial. The long-serving president of the Hungarian Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright, he is also the recipient of the Knight’s Cross Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary.


Gusztáv Bacher - Szecskay Attorneys at Law
László Bércze - Bérczes Ügyédi Iroda
Balázs Csányi - Danubia – Sár & Partners
István Gödölle - Gödölle, Kékes, Mészáros & Szabó
Tamás Gödölle - Bogsch & Partners
Bálint Halász - Knight Bird & Bird Iroda
Zoltán Hegymegi-Barakonyi - Kajtár Takács Hegymegi-Barakonyi Baker McKenzie Attorneys at Law
Marcell Kereszty - Gödölle, Kékes, Mészáros & Szabó
Zsófia Klauber - Danubia – Sár & Partners
Tamás Kocsis - Kocsis & Szénássy Law Firm
Ildikó Komor Hennel - Danubia – Sár & Partners
Zoltán Kovári - Kovári and Partners Patent and Trademark Attorneys' LLC
Bettina Kövecses - Knight Bird & Bird Iroda
András Krajnyák - ABK Dr Krajnyák & Partner Law and Patent Office
Judit Lantos - Danubia – Sár & Partners
Áron László - Oppenheim
Zsófia Lendvai - Kajtár Takács Hegymegi-Barakonyi Baker McKenzie Attorneys at Law
Péter Lukácsi - SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys
Gabriella Sasvári - SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys
Katalin Szamosi - SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys
András Szecskay - Szecskay Attorneys at Law
Éva Szigeti - Danubia – Sár & Partners

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