In recent years governments in Latin America have stepped up their efforts to combat counterfeiting; stronger regional cooperation and increased engagement with international organisations are yielding tangible results in the fight against fakes. However, persistent economic volatility means that the demand for counterfeit goods is unlikely to abate, while budgets to tackle the issue become ever tighter and political crises threaten to shift away from the focus on the problem. For brand owners with interests or ambitions in the region, specialist insight into how to navigate obstacles such as corruption and weak legislative enforcement is essential to secure the best results. The WTR 1000 presents a list of the region’s best anti-counterfeiting experts.


Roberto Arochi - Arochi & Lindner SC
Adriana Barrera - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
Virginia Cervieri - Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates
Juan Pablo Concha Delgado - Baker McKenzie
Miguel A De Puy III - De Puy & Asociados
Marcello do Nascimento - David do Nascimento Advogados Associados
Gustavo Patricio Giay - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
Sergio Legorreta - Baker McKenzie Abogados, SC
Antonio Marinovic - Marinovic & Cia
Hugo Moran R - Icaza González-Ruiz & Alemán
Luis Ignacio Olmedo - Marinovic & Cia
Maria Cecilia Romoleroux - CorralRosales
Saúl Santoyo Orozco - Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff SC
Matias Somarriva - CMS Carey & Allende
Jose Henrique Vasi Werner - Dannemann Siemsen
Audrey Williams - Estudio Benedetti

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Issue 72