Ukraine Gorodissky & Partners (Ukraine)

Gorodissky & Partners (Ukraine) is a leading Ukrainian IP law firm. For more than 15 years, under the direction of Nina Moshynska, the firm has provided reliable support to both national and international clients.

Gorodissky & Partners has been consistently ranked as one of the best firms in Ukraine in the field of IP rights protection and defence in annual international surveys conducted by Managing Intellectual Property. According to the WTR 1000, it is among the leading Ukrainian firms providing trademark protection services.

Gorodissky & Partners has consistently received recognition from the Ukrainian Patent Office for its significant contribution to the development of Ukraine’s IP protection framework.

The team

Gorodissky & Partners has an experienced team of professionals – including nine patent/ trademark attorneys and nine lawyers – who provide complex professional services in the field of IP protection. The firm’s patent/trademark attorneys and lawyers are members of the Ukrainian Patent Attorney Association, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the International Trademark Association, the Licensing Executives Society International and MARQUES.

Practice areas

The company’s main practice areas are patenting of inventions, utility models, computer programs and industrial designs; trademark registration and development; technology transfer; licensing; pre-trial and judicial disputes; due diligence and evaluation of IP portfolios; and actions against unfair competition, among others.


Inventions department:

• Drafting and filing applications for inventions and utility models according to national patent legislation and regulations.
• Drafting and filing international applications according to Patent Cooperation Treaty regulations.
• Providing professional support throughout the application process in Ukraine and abroad.
• Conducting novelty and non-infringement searches in Ukraine and abroad

Trademark and industrial design department:

• Drafting and filing applications for trademarks and industrial designs in Ukraine.
• Drafting and filing international trademark applications according to the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol, as well as international applications for industrial designs according to the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs.
• Drafting and filing trademark and industrial design applications abroad.
• Conducting searches for registered and filed trademark and industrial design applications in Ukrainian databases.
• Conducting searches for registered and filed trademark and industrial design applications in foreign patent offices.

Annuities department:

• Maintaining all kinds of industrial property rights (patents, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks).
• Assisting with all recordal procedures, such as assignments, changes of owner details and recordals of mergers and acquisitions.
• Drafting and registering IP assignments.
• Obtaining titles of protection for patents, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks.
• Ordering and forwarding letters patent, trademark certificate duplicates and extracts from state registers.

Legal department:

• Providing legal advice on IP portfolio management strategies to owners of patents, copyright, trademarks and other types of intellectual property.
• Representing clients’ interests in prejudicial settlement of disputes before courts and other competent authorities.
• Representing clients’ interests in unfair competition cases.
• Providing legal support throughout all corporate or commercial transactions relating to IP rights.
• Assisting clients in the fight against unlawful use of domain names and the illegal use of intellectual property on the Internet.

Translation department:

• Translating application materials for inventions in all technical fields from foreign languages into Russian and Ukrainian, as well as all major European languages.
•Translating scientific and technical documents, legal and reference materials, contracts and agreements relating to intellectual property.

Contact details

Gorodissky & Partners (Ukraine)
25 V Chornovola Street
Office 3
Kiev 01135

T: +380 44 278 4958
F: +380 44 279 6896

Professional contacts

Nina Moshynska, Managing partner in Ukraine

Recommended individuals at this firm

Nina Moshynska

Nina Moshynska  -  Managing Partner in Ukraine

Other recommended individuals at this firm

Alexey V Kratiuk

Vladimir Biriulin

Natalia Stepanova

Vladimir Trey

Valery N Medvedev


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