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Partner - Carpmaels & Ransford LLP

Ian Kirby leads the dispute resolution team at Carpmaels and focuses on multi-jurisdictional IP disputes. His clients and peers highlight his tenacity, excellence and shrewdness, but perhaps above all his ability to manage and get the most out of a team.

Mr Kirby has nearly 25 years’ experience in litigating and resolving cases before the English courts – including the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court – as well as the English appeal courts. He frequently advises on matters that cross both the Atlantic and into continental Europe and is at his happiest when faced with tricky and knotty commercial problems.

As well as litigating disputes in all areas of IP law, Mr Kirby is a strong user and supporter of alternative dispute resolution and is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organisation List of Mediators. Whether preparing witnesses for trial, or bringing together two warring parties, he pays attention not only to the legal and commercial issues, but also to the psychology of the dispute and the parties while striving for success either at trial or through a negotiated resolution.

Mr Kirby has litigated high-profile trademark cases concerning the design of the famous HENRY vacuum cleaner, where he protected the shape of the cleaner stripped of all other indicia, as well as magazine and book cases, Europe-wide product launches for branded technology and pharmaceutical products and globally famous copyright cases for the world’s largest publisher. His trademark and passing off cases have pushed the edges of the law and, as a result, he has acquired the trust of clients such as The Walt Disney Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Orange, Numatic (the makers of HENRY), Penguin Random House and the Estate of Michael Jackson.

Professional associations

  • CIPA
  • IPLA

Firm details

Carpmaels & Ransford LLP
One Southampton Row
United Kingdom

Contact details

E: ian.kirby@carpmaels.com
T: +44 20 7539 4091
W: www.carpmaels.com


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