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Partner - McCarter & English LLP

Harley I Lewin has over 40 years’ experience protecting IP rights across the world. A leader of the firm’s fashion, design and luxury goods team, he executes unique global strategies across all forms of products, locations and media – working directly with governments, law enforcement agencies, courts and customs authorities in more than 75 countries – and implements new and cost-effective methods to protect clients’ assets. Mr Lewin leads litigations and international arbitrations relating to IP rights and international licensing disputes.

Mr Lewin has litigated in all of the federal district courts, many US state courts and many foreign jurisdictions.

Mr Lewin:

  • recently won the decision in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals for high-end shoe designer Christian Louboutin, upholding a single colour as a valid trademark and preserving Louboutin’s ‘red sole’ mark;
  • concluded an international arbitration for a luxury designer against a then-terminated French fragrance company;
  • is defending a Belgian auto distributor against claims brought by a disgruntled customer;
  • is working with an alcoholic beverage company to protect bottling trade dress;
  • is involved in protecting a Japanese athletic footwear company against counterfeits in South America;
  • has developed a unique strategy on behalf of a number of luxury goods companies to take down auctions of unauthorised products on over 88 global auction sites;
  • has coordinated a three-country customs effort in Latin America to interdict the flow of counterfeit goods; and
  • has conducted multi-district litigation for multiple watch brands, seizing more than 800,000 watches and $1 million in cash.

At any one time, Mr Lewin is working in over 30 countries. He is routinely sought as a legal authority and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNBC, CBS 60 Minutes, MSNBC and CNN International. He was the first non-celebrity to be featured in the biography section of The New Yorker Magazine (fashion edition, March 9 2007). He recently authored a chapter on the nuances of IP rights protection in China for the publishing arm of Thomson Reuters.

Professional associations

  • INTA

Sample client list

  • Alexander Wang
  • Christian Dior
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Givenchy
  • Kenzo
  • Loblaw
  • LVMH Holding
  • Tag Heuer

Firm details

McCarter & English LLP
245 Park Avenue
New York NY 10167
United States

Contact details

E: hlewin@mccarter.com
T: +1 212 609 6818
F: +1 212 602 0122
W: www.mccarter.com

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