Lithuania’s 2015 accession to the eurozone sent a positive signal to the world; local enterprises are responding by ramping up their capabilities, bolstering their IP portfolios, securing new rights and looking to expand into neighbouring Baltic states, as well as Russia. The nation’s impressive IP firms stand ready to help them achieve these ambitions; the best are showcased in the following tables.


Professional Law Partnership METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners
Borenius Attorneys Ltd
Valiunas Ellex
AAA Law consistently keeps clients’ commercial concerns front and centre of its thinking. Thanks to the firm’s robust company and contract law teams, the IP division is at its best in licensing and franchising matters, but it offers a one-stop service and has played a role in its fair share of high-stakes court battles. It currently services over 10,000 clients – a testament to its reputation not only in Lithuania, but also further afield. Founder, senior partner and chairman of the board Marius Jakulis Jason is the firm’s talisman. Educated in the United States, he speaks impeccable English and is president of the Lithuanian chapter of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. Colleague Otilija Klimaitienė is a registration whizz whose strategic acumen translates into watertight protection of clients’ marks.
Borenius Attorneys Ltd
With offices in Finland, Russia and the United States, full-service Borenius is a popular choice among multinationals and regional businesses with wide-ranging interests. Some 200 employees operate across the three jurisdictions, allowing it to swiftly muster and deploy troops wherever the need arises. It dispenses insightful counsel across the trademark spectrum, never losing sight of patrons’ long-term branding objectives.
Professional Law Partnership METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners
Having filed a prodigious number of EU trademarks in 2016, METIDA is turning heads across Europe. It puts its legislative nous, technical wizardry and meticulousness to good use for domestic and foreign clients with complex non-contentious problems, adroitly handling matters before the Lithuanian trademark office and the EU Intellectual Property Office. Managing partner Reda Žabolienė knows how to exploit portfolios with finesse; she also publishes and lectures widely. Inga Lukauskiene supplements her encyclopaedic trademark knowledge with significant expertise in the unfair competition and copyright fields.
Full-service outfit SORAINEN maintains garrisons in Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia and Latvia, and enjoys a stellar profile in the IP space. Its lengthy client roster features a healthy mix of financial titans and cutting-edge new enterprises. Captaining the commercial contracts team, Renata Beržanskienė personifies the firm’s laser business focus; she excels on licensing and technology transfer briefs. New recruit Stasys Drazdauskas is a media maestro with experience in both prosecution and enforcement; retail and pharmaceuticals are fortes.
Pan-Baltic corporate law outfit TRINITI stands out from the regional pack: it can service companies in eight languages, which has helped to entice a slew of Fortune 500 multinationals to its doors. Working hand in hand with the firm’s commercial divisions, the trademark team laces its shrewd portfolio management counsel with keen business insights. Of late, it has strengthened its anti-counterfeiting offering and forged invaluable ties with customs officials. Vilija Viešūnaitė takes the reins on the enforcement side. The formidable litigator has a knack for leading clients safely out of harm’s way in crucial disputes.
Valiunas Ellex
The exclusive Lithuanian member of Lex Mundi – a network of independent law firms with a presence in over 100 countries – Valiunas Ellex has unmatched capacity for cross-border instructions. A proficient operator on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, it has positioned itself as a reliable one-stop shop. Vytautas Mizaras embodies this versatility; he has handled everything under the sun in trademark law and comes into his own on Europe-wide projects.


Renata Beržanskienė - SORAINEN
Stasys Drazdauskas - SORAINEN
Marius Jakulis Jason - AAA Law
Liudas Karnickas - Venckutė & Karnickas
Otilija Klimaitienė - AAA Law
Inga Lukauskiene - Professional Law Partnership METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners
Vytautas Mizaras - Valiunas Ellex
Gediminas Pranevičius - IP Forma
Vilija Viešūnaitė - TRINITI
Reda Zaboliene - Professional Law Partnership METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners

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