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Michael Best is an attorney at law and partner in the law firm BEST Rechtsanwälte, based in Frankfurt. He studied law in Mainz, Germany and Dijon, France. He first became involved in intellectual property as a scientific assistant at the University of Mainz in 1987, where he also wrote his doctoral thesis on trademark and unfair competition law. He then worked as an auditing assistant at a large German auditing firm for two years, before becoming in-house counsel in the trademark department of chemical and pharmaceutical company Hoechst AG in 1992; he was appointed deputy head of that department in 1997. In 1998 Dr Best co-founded the firm that is now BEST Rechtsanwälte, which mainly specialises in trademark, design, domain, copyright, unfair competition and advertising law.

Dr Best has worked as counsel to clients around the world in all aspects of trademark, design, domain, copyright and unfair competition matters for more than 20 years. One particular focus of his work lies in the management of large international trademark portfolios for clients in various industries (eg, chemical, pharmaceutical, fashion, energy, automotive and financial), including prosecution, litigation, licensing, assignment and renewal projects. He also specialises in trademark creation projects, in particular by conducting worldwide availability searches.

Dr Best has appeared as a speaker and moderator at various conferences and other events, and has published various articles. He is a member of organisations including the International Trademark Association and its Design Rights Committee, the European Communities Trademark Association, the Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group and the German-American Lawyers Association.

Professional associations

  • ECTA
  • INTA
  • PTMG

Firm details

BEST Rechtsanwälte PartmbB
Hostatostr 26
Frankfurt am Main 65929

Contact details

T: +49 8700 200 30
F: +49 8700 200 40

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