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“We’re running out of good trademarks” – groundbreaking study reveals 81% of common words are registered marks

A new study finds that most common words are already registered as single-word trademarks at the USPTO. The paper's author describes the finding as "disturbing", and calls for changes including higher renewal fees.

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PyeongChang Winter Olympics: government signals that ambush marketing will not be tolerated

The government has indicated its intention to regulate ambush marketing by adding specific provisions to the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Act.

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Changing attitudes to letters of consent - what brand owners need to know

Letters of consent have been problematic in China, where brand owners often experience difficulty in obtaining such letters from local companies and having them accepted by the courts. However, there are encouraging signs that the situation is changing...

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General Court confirms likelihood of confusion between 'jumping cats' marks

In Arctic Cat v EUIPO, the General Court has upheld a decision of the Fifth Board of Appeal of the EUIPO finding that there was a likelihood of confusion between two figurative trademarks representing a jumping wild cat for goods in Class 25.

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JOY fails to prevent registration of HISPANITAS JOY IS A CHOICE despite enhanced distinctive character

In Jean Patou Worldwide v EUIPO, the General Court has confirmed that there was no likelihood of confusion between the figurative mark HISPANITAS JOY IS A CHOICE and the earlier mark JOY for “perfumes” in Class 3.

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Sweden considering prison for infringers, EUIPO switches banks and cops brandishing fake firearms: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look the Qatari government continuing its counterfeit crackdown, a cheese stand-off between the EU and Mexico, and much more.

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Pushing the boundaries – identifying the world’s most innovative IP offices

In a new multi-part series, World Trademark Review identifies the IP offices leading the way in offering innovative non-core tools and services – and the registries trailing behind.

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Scientology trademarks, Brazil’s backlog impact and Leason Ellis victorious against solicitation scammer: news round-up

In our latest news round-up, we look at the impact of backlog measures in Brazil, the pros and cons of China’s rocketing trademark trajectory, and a new victory against trademark scammers.

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US Senate confirms Iancu, Zimbabwe targets fakes and brands oppose Conor McGregor: news round-up

In our latest news round-up we look at how the Zimbabwe government is pledging to tackle counterfeit goods, the brands being accused of using “underhand tricks” to fool consumers, and much more.

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Litigation procedures and strategies: Finland

In June 2016 a working group was appointed to draft a proposal for a new trademark act in Finland, implementing the 2015 EU Trademark Directive (2015/2436) and the Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks.

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Litigation procedures and strategies: France

National law: Trademark law is codified in the French IP Code in Articles L711-1 to L717-16. In addition, Article 1240 of the Civil Code prohibits unfair competition and parasitic acts.

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Litigation procedures and strategies: Albania

In Albania, the Law on Industrial Property, being the main applicable law, has been subject to various amendments. We look at the key changes, and how they affect prosecution and enforcement strategies.

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Litigation procedures and strategies: Russia

The main legislation regulating trademark litigation in Russia is contained in the following codified federal laws: the Civil Code; the Arbitration Procedure Code (last amended on July 29 2017); and the Civil Procedure Code (last amended on July 29 2017).

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More information about Gleissner trademark activity emerges as business owner voices frustration

Business owners have spoken to World Trademark Review about their anger and confusion over the mysterious trademark activity of entrepreneur Michael Gleissner.

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Big changes in the pharmaceutical sector as leading brands flourish: exclusive data analysis

In this week’s data report, we turn the spotlight on the sprawling pharmaceutical sector. We look at how the sector is being affected by political pressures, and identify the developments that are driving change.

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Germany’s hearty trademark scene and stunning courtroom win rates: exclusive data analysis

The latest country data report focuses on Germany. We reveal the European powerhouse’s leading sectors and explain how the country’s robust brands have continued to surge in value.

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US trademark filings from China soar, but law firms struggle to capitalise amid warnings of suspicious activity

New data obtained by World Trademark Review has revealed a startling increase in trademark applications at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that originate in China.

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