The death knell for bulk domain enquiries? Rights holders voice concern as ICANN reveals proposed WHOIS model

Intellectual property experts have seized on gaps in ICANN's latest WHOIS model, claiming it could create significant roadblocks to effective enforcement efforts.

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'.ng' registrations on the up, but government agency urges cyber patriotism

The National Information Technology Development Agency has called upon government and private sector organisations to use Nigerian data centres, arguing that it would facilitate "reductions in cost and capital flight".

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Why it is critical to provide sufficient evidence under ADR procedures for '.fr' domain names

In a decision under the Syreli alternative dispute resolution procedure, a college from AFNIC has denied the transfer of a domain name consisting of the name of the complainant under ‘.fr’ due to lack of evidence.

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UDRP panel finds RDNH; complainants should disclose all prior dealings with respondent

A UDRP panel has denied the transfer of ‘’ to the owner of the mark MODZ, and also made a finding of reverse domain name hijacking for failure to disclose prior communications with the respondent.

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Ram Trucks ad backlash; will negative press translate to longer term brand value?

Criticism of a Ram Trucks ad aired during this week’s Super Bowl broadcast continues to rumble on. A key question from a brand perspective is whether holding ground in the face of a backlash is the right approach.

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Democratising trademark data: ambitious call to create non-profit to develop global e-filing standards

​​​​​​​In an exclusive guest post, the chief executive of Alt Legal lays out a bold plan for IP offices to adopt universal standards in trademark data and electronics filings.

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Gleissner activity called “biggest scam in IP history”, Samsung speculation and USPTO love song: news round-up

In today’s round-up, we look at heavy rock group Iron Maiden pursuing a group of counterfeiters, big changes at the top of the new gTLD leaderboard, and a call for a “flexible IP regime” in Africa.

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USPTO director makes first public comments, Louboutin dismisses media speculation, and ‘.com’ rises: news round-up

In our latest news round-up, we look at the first public comments from the USPTO’s new director, further details on trademarks after Brexit, and much more.

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US Senate confirms Iancu, Zimbabwe targets fakes and brands oppose Conor McGregor: news round-up

In our latest news round-up we look at how the Zimbabwe government is pledging to tackle counterfeit goods, the brands being accused of using “underhand tricks” to fool consumers, and much more.

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China: Unfair competition online

Kangxin Partners PC Online operators that use technical means to influence user choice or damage competing network products will be found in violation of the new Anti-unfair Competition Law

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United States: Case law shines a light on internet evidence at motion to dismiss stage

Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch LLP Assessing the relevance of internet evidence can be a daunting task for rights holders. However, if submitted accurately at the earliest stages, such evidence may sway infringement proceedings

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Italy: Do we need a vaccine against influencers?

The popular practice of online personalities endorsing products for economic benefit has finally permeated the legal sphere – brand owners should be prepared to pull the plug on misleading ads.

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Mexico: Cat and mouse: how rights holders chase online infringers

The anonymity offered by the Internet is a significant lure for infringers. However, despite the online landscape being largely ungoverned, Mexican rights holders can still take steps to protect their intellectual property.

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Logan Paul fiasco shows risk for brands on YouTube; research reveals more YouTubers seeking trademark protection

Recent incidents have demonstrated why brands must be careful when advertising on YouTube. New research also reveals that YouTube's content creators are increasingly obtaining registered trademark protection.

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US retail brands are teeming with life despite the so-called 'retail apocalypse': exclusive data analysis

World Trademark Review takes an in-depth look at the retail sector. As one of the most dynamic branding environments of any industry sector, we analyse how the top brands in this field have performed.

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As remarkable growth of sports industry continues, exclusive data analysis reveals the key trademark trends

From today, World Trademark Review will be producing a new series of industry-specific data reports. We start with a deep dive into sports and sporting goods.

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Balancing online brand protection and budgetary pressures: an infographic

The 2017 Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey has revealed mixed fortunes for corporate trademark departments. While one-third reported budget increases over the past year, one-quarter have faced the harsh reality of reduced funding.

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