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Media brands yet to capitalise on trademarks for new technologies: exclusive data analysis

In our latest industry data report we shine a light on the global media and entertainment industry. While digital content currently offer companies in the space, we reveal that filings for new tech remain low.

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LegalForce calls on USPTO to tackle Chinese firms “practicing illegally” – allegations and threats revealed

Raj Abhyanker, founder and shareholder in LegalForce RAPC Worldwide and Trademarkia, has sent a grievance complaint to the USPTO centred on Chinese IP law firms “practicing illegally” in the United States.

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“Now we can step on the gas”: Corsearch CEO reveals future plans after private equity deal completion

On January 5 Corsearch announced the closure of its sale to Audax Private Equity. In an interview with World Trademark Review, Corsearch President Officer Tobias Hartmann reveals the company’s product and growth plans.

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Trademark litigation slump continues; the law firms capitalising on dispute-related work revealed

The latest tracker data from Lex Machina confirms that the litigation slump continued in 2017, with the 3,782 cases filed representing a nine-year low.

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“There’s a new sheriff in town”: LegalForce founder reveals motivation behind lawsuits against competitors

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide, the firm behind Trademarkia, has initiated a number of lawsuits against competitor online trademark filings portals.

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Time is running out to participate in our 2018 Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey

There is just one week left to have your say on the major challenges currently affecting trademark professionals. Participate in World Trademark Review’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey before February 26.

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Scotch Whisky toasts trademark renewal, fake toy epidemic, and IACC looks back on 2017: news round-up

In our latest news round-up we look at Costco Korea losing a design infringement suit, ICANN extending its GDPR consideration window, the retirement of the Swaziland trademark registrar, and much more.

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“No imminent AI apocalypse” – tech expert rejects predictions of mass job losses in trademark industry

The founder of a legal technology company has told World Trademark Review that reports of impending mass job losses in the trademark industry due to AI are overblown.

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Supreme stamps out fakes, Super Bowl trademark rush and Grumpy Cat prevails: news round-up

In our latest news round-up, we look at the European Commission beginning a public consultation for its global counterfeit and piracy watch-list, another new innovation in anti-counterfeiting, and much more.

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Brazil on the rebound – service sector thrives, trademark backlog falls: exclusive data analysis

In our latest country data report, we identify the best performing brands in Brazil and review recent filing data to assess the health of the trademark landscape.

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Trademark filings in Australia stagnant but enforcement win rates remain surprisingly high: exclusive data analysis

World Trademark Review provides a breakdown of the Australian trademark landscape.

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Big changes in the pharmaceutical sector as leading brands flourish: exclusive data analysis

In this week’s data report, we turn the spotlight on the sprawling pharmaceutical sector. We look at how the sector is being affected by political pressures, and identify the developments that are driving change.

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Germany’s hearty trademark scene and stunning courtroom win rates: exclusive data analysis

The latest country data report focuses on Germany. We reveal the European powerhouse’s leading sectors and explain how the country’s robust brands have continued to surge in value.

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