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The death knell for bulk domain enquiries? Rights holders voice concern as ICANN reveals proposed WHOIS model

Intellectual property experts have seized on gaps in ICANN's latest WHOIS model, claiming it could create significant roadblocks to effective enforcement efforts.

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WIPO hits back after ICA sets its sights on UDRP providers and panellists

The Internet Commerce Association has published a document making a series of recommended reforms for the UDRP system, which WIPO claims “betrays a clear misunderstanding of the actual mechanics of impartial and efficient ADR case management”.

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Paris Court of Appeal orders cancellation of FRANCE.COM marks and transfer of '' domain name

In Inc v Traveland Resorts, the Paris Court of Appeal has ordered the cancellation of trademark registrations for FRANCE.COM, and ordered the transfer of the domain name ‘’ to the French State.

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Panel denies transfer of domain name consisting of common phrase under UDRP

IA WIPO panel has refused to transfer a domain name matching the common phrase ‘iste gelsin’ in Turkish to the owner of the trademark ISTEGELSIN.COM.

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Confusion with internationalised domain names

A UDRP panel has denied the transfer of the ‘physiothé’ domain name in a decision that emphasises the importance of proving bad faith.

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“WHOIS as we know it could go dark”: assessing ICANN’s proposed GDPR compliance models

Brian Winterfeldt, president of ICANN’s Intellectual Property Constituency, analyses the proposed models for GDPR compliance - one of which would effectively result in the WHOIS database as we know it going dark.

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A critical test for ICANN: ensuring GDPR compliance while preserving access to WHOIS

The president of ICANN's Intellectual Property Constituency, explains why it is important for brand owners to engage at ICANN to ensure that GDPR compliance does not become an excuse to shut off access to WHOIS data.

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National governments hit out at Amazon over gTLD application; tense stalemate continues

At this week’s ICANN meeting, representatives from Amazon received a hostile reception from the Governmental Advisory Committee while seeking to reach a compromise over its stalled ‘.amazon’ gTLD application.

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Alibaba unveils new auto parts policy, industry groups split over anti-counterfeiting efforts

Alibaba has announced the ban of listings offering car airbag components on two of its cross-border e-commerce platforms, a move welcomed by the Automotive Anti-counterfeiting Council.

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Software & Online Services Team of the Year: Twitter

Twitter has long sought to position itself as an information platform, rather than a social media platform. However, 2016 was also a challenging year as it faced up to escalating competition for digital advertising spend.

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As remarkable growth of sports industry continues, exclusive data analysis reveals the key trademark trends

From today, World Trademark Review will be producing a new series of industry-specific data reports. We start with a deep dive into sports and sporting goods.

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