The Delhi Public School Society has run schools and educational institutions in Delhi and throughout India under the name Delhi Public School since 1948. It has successfully established 11 core schools in India and is affiliated with 170 schools in India and 15 schools worldwide, which comprise approximately 300,000 students. The Delhi Public School Society is the registered proprietor of the trademark DPS, which covers several relevant classes except Class 41, for which registration is still pending. It also applied for registration of the trademark DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL (in Classes 16, 35, 36, 41 and 42) on March 8 2011. The Delhi Public School Society also uses two crest logos. One – a registered trademark, which it has claimed to use since 1948 – comprising of a hand holding a torch, the school motto “Service before Self” and the words “Delhi Public School” written inside a shield. The other – a logo adopted in 1996 – comprising of a torch on a book along with the school motto written inside a shield surrounded by a creeper and the words “Delhi Public School” written below.

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