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21 Oct 2016

High damages awarded in Yahoo! trademark infringement case

India - The recent judgment of the Delhi High Court which recognised and upheld the well-known trademark YAHOO of Yahoo! Inc, while passing an order of permanent injunction against the defendant and granting damages of Rs 3.2 million and costs of Rs 0.64 million in favour of the plaintiff, is an illustration of the recent trend to safeguard and protect the IP assets of a company. Read update

21 Oct 2016

Sound marks – reality or fiction?

European Union - In a recent judgment the EU General Court confirmed the refusal of a sound mark application filed by the Brazilian company Globo Comunicação e Participações SA consisting of a telephone ringtone on the ground that, due to its banality, the mark was devoid of distinctive character. Read update

20 Oct 2016

Reform of IP governance in Ukraine

Ukraine - The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved Decree 585 that will launch the reform of state governance in the IP sphere. It is believed that the reform will ultimately result in the creation of a single national patent office instead of the existing two-tier model and will increase transparency and efficiency of governance in the IP sphere. Read update

20 Oct 2016

Who is going to pay Alexander Wang $90 million?

United States - The US District Court for the Southern District of New York has entered a default judgment in favour of Alexander Wang Inc and AW Licensing LLC – the entity that owns all of Alexander Wang’s IP rights – against 45 defendants, many of whose identities are unknown, for wilful counterfeiting and cybersquatting, awarding the plaintiffs a total of $90.8 million. Read update

19 Oct 2016

Domain name dispute resolution in Peru

Peru - The World Intellectual Property Organisation Arbitration and Mediation Centre has recently issued an important decision after Facebook Inc filed a complaint against Master Inc in order to obtain the transfer of the domain name ‘’. Read update

19 Oct 2016

Red Bull gets its interim injunction

New Zealand - The New Zealand Court of Appeal has issued a decision after Red Bull appealed the High Court's decision against an interim injunction to prevent Drink Red from selling a ready-mixed drink containing vodka and an energy drink, and an energy drink without alcohol. Read update


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