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28 Sep 2016

Court of Appeal upholds High Court decision in Doshi case

Kenya - The Kenya Revenue Authority, a statutory body which assesses, collects and accounts for all revenues for the Kenyan government, has appealed against the judgment in Doshi Iron Mongers Ltd v Weights and Measures Department that found in favour of Doshi, a private Kenyan company dealing in general merchandise. Read update

28 Sep 2016

Commercial general liability policies cover trademark infringement

Canada - Commercial general liability policies frequently include coverage for ‘advertising injury’. Advertising injury often exists with respect to claims made against the insured for infringement of trademarks, copyrights and patents. While damages caused in the course of advertising are covered by the policy, there are certain exclusions and preconditions. Read update

27 Sep 2016

Multi-class trademark applications in Laos

Laos - Previously, the relevant trademark provisions in Laos provided for the filing of only a single application in a single class. These provisions were subsequently amended to allow for the registration of multi-class applications, an option that has now come into practice. Read update

27 Sep 2016

When does a common law trademark dilution deserve a trial?

United States - The question “when does a common law trademark dilution deserve a trial?” was raised in the case of Lions Gate Entertainment Inc v TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation. Lions Gate claimed to own common law trademark rights in the allegedly famous mark DIRTY DANCING and the slogan NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER. Read update

26 Sep 2016

Revised rules of procedure for IP cases

Philippines - The Philippine Intellectual Property Office has issued the IPOPHL Memorandum Circular 16-007 introducing further amendments to the Rules and Regulations on Inter Partes Proceedings, which apply to trademark opposition and cancellation cases, cancellation of patents, utility models and industrial designs and petition for compulsory licensing of patents. Read update

26 Sep 2016

High Court upholds findings in TripAdvisor v Handsam

United Kingdom - The High Court has dismissed TripAdvisor’s appeal against a hearing officer’s decision to reject its opposition to the registration of the logo mark HANDSAM SCHOOLTRIPSADVISOR as applied to certain goods and services such as printed manuals and business advice. Read update


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