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Legal updates

05 May 2016

Special circumstances found to refuse expungement of trademark

Canada - The Trademarks Opposition Board has refused to expunge the trademark registration STK owned by The One Group LLC for non-use pursuant to Section 45 of the Trademarks Act. Read update

05 May 2016

Preliminary ruling could extend effects of coexistence agreements

European Union - A European Court of Justice ruling on coexistence agreements could permit the use of an allegedly infringing mark or sign in all territories of the European Union, rather than just those where the marks have previously been agreed to coexist. Read update

04 May 2016

MONSTER ENERGY case runs out of energy in the Supreme Court

Indonesia - In Indonesia, while there is often a strict requirement that where the parties in litigation differ, cases must be separated, it is less clear when two causes of action are fought between two parties Read update

04 May 2016

A practical approach to strengthen enforcement of IP matters

India - This update provides a number of practical suggestions for strengthening the enforcement climate, primarily in civil litigation, to achieve faster, more effective results in IP matters. Read update

03 May 2016

Sign designating targeted consumers is not distinctive

European Union - The EU General Court has found that a sign designating the targeted consumers and not the characteristics of a product was not distinctive. Read update

03 May 2016

Court of Appeal clarifies domain jurisdiction

Canada - In Michaels v Michaels Stores Procurement Co, the Federal Court of Appeal provided a clear statement that the federal courts have jurisdiction to order the transfer of domain names. Read update


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