A number of recent incidents have demonstrated why rights holders must be careful when advertising on YouTube or seeking partnerships with its high-profile stars. New research from World Trademark Review also reveals that content creators on the platform – many of which make millions of dollars a year in advertising, sponsorship and merchandise revenue – are turning to trademark registrations to protect their channel assets.

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Tim Lince

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RE: Logan Paul fiasco shows risk for brands on YouTube; research reveals more YouTubers seeking trademark protection

Very interesting article Tim. Even for established Youtubers like DanTDM, their biggest threat is currently reputation risk, rather than IP infringement in my opinion. Whilst not ideal, trademark infringements (including fake merchandise which is already occurring) could ultimately increase profile and views of their video content. They also tend to have obscure brand names which assists protection even if they are not registered. However, reputation risk could ruin their business almost overnight if they make mistakes like Logan Paul. Most of them are sensible enough to avoid such errors. They may have to address impersonators, malicious rumours and other negative content from time to time that may arise as their profile grows in order to keep their reputations intact. Tim Waring, Netmonita.

Tim Waring, Netmonita on 20 Feb 2018 @ 17:21

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