The vast domain name and trademark portfolio of entrepreneur and film producer Michael Gleissner can be revealed following an extensive investigation by World Trademark Review. Steeped in mystery, the operation spans at least 36 countries with an estimated cost of close to $750,000 for trademark filings alone. Due to the breadth of this ongoing activity, and with high-profile brands such as BMW, Western Digital and even US President Donald Trump currently challenging some of his marks, every rights holder should take notice.

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RE: The Gleissner Files: investigation reveals massive scope of entrepreneur’s global trademark and domain portfolio

Interesting article. I was informed by my partner Maria-Gemma Huijnen that there are even more companies that are connected to Gleissner, such as CKL Holdings NV from Belgium, which is good for at least 555(!) Benelux applications.

Bas Kist, Chiever on 12 Oct 2017 @ 08:23

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