21 Apr 2017

OAPI in “period of transition” as new director general appointed; anti-Madrid collective “goes into hiding”

The African Intellectual Property Organisation (OAPI) has confirmed to World Trademark Review that its director general, Paulin Edou Edou, will be leaving at the end of July, with his successor beginning in August. This comes as the collective formed to challenge OAPI’s accession to the Madrid Protocol disbands due to a fear of being banned from IP practice, although a former member reveals that it may regroup later in the year. Read blog

20 Apr 2017

Japanese trademark pendency times rise with registrations; interest in non-traditional marks cools

While the Japan Patent Office registered more trademarks last year than it has in almost a decade, new data indicates that it is also taking more time than ever before to decide whether applications should be granted or refused. Read blog

19 Apr 2017

Lawsuit challenging President Trump updated to highlight “gratuitous Chinese trademarks”

The landmark emoluments lawsuit initiated by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – seeking to find the president in violation of the emoluments clauses of the Constitution – has been updated to include the receipt of “gratuitous Chinese trademarks”. Specifically, the suit aims to link the granting of registrations to President Trump’s affirmation of the ‘One China’ policy. Read blog

18 Apr 2017

With nine of 10 top new gTLD registrants, China’s online dominance will worry many brand owners

Chinese entities now own almost half of all new generic top-level domain (gTLD) registrations, with nine of the top 10 new gTLD registrants associated with the country, according to recent reports. With another tranche of gTLDs just approved for sale by the Chinese government, many brand owners will be concerned about what this all means for their trademark protection strategies. Read blog

18 Apr 2017

EUIPO head among 2017 inductees to the IP Hall of Fame

Antonio Campinos, executive director of the EU Intellectual Property Office, has been announced as an inductee into the IP Hall of Fame. He joins a number of the trademark world’s luminaries in the project, which identifies individuals who have helped to establish intellectual property as one of the key business assets of the 21st century. Read blog

13 Apr 2017

Cyberpunk legend expresses concern over controversial trademark: "I wish someone from CD Projekt Red would contact me"

There has been an outcry over trademark applications for the term CYBERPUNK filed by video game developer CD Projekt Red. While much of the negative sentiment has been put to rest after the company released an open letter expanding on the marks, some concern remains – including from Bruce Bethke, who originally coined the term ‘cyberpunk’ in 1980. Read blog

13 Apr 2017

Halving of Chinese trademark fees provides immediate costs benefit for counsel, but raises squatting concerns

Reversing a trend towards increases seen across several Asian jurisdictions of late, the China Trademark Office of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce has slashed user fees by half. While the reduction is welcome in terms of budgets, many trademark counsel will be concerned about a potential increase in indirect enforcement costs should squatters try to take advantage of the lower fees. Read blog

11 Apr 2017

INTA elaborates on increase in anti-counterfeiting activities as membership demand grows

In an exclusive interview with World Trademark Review, the CEO of the International Trademark Association (INTA) speaks about its increased activity in the anti-counterfeiting arena, and expands on current and future activities in this regard. He also notes that partnerships are being sought with other IP and non-IP organisations, but only when there is “mutual respect” between the parties. Read blog

11 Apr 2017

Trademarks under Trump: the new administration’s impact on IP so far

Three months into his presidency, Donald Trump has revealed his nomination for IP enforcement coordinator. However, with the USPTO hit by a hiring freeze and uncertainty over the future leadership of the agency, the question of what impact his administration will ultimately have on trademarks and the IP ecosystem remains unanswered. So what do we know? Read blog

10 Apr 2017

Indian trademark registry sees examination numbers increase 60% year-on-year

Trademark application and registration rates in India went through the roof last year, indicating success in terms of both streamlining the prosecution process and dealing with a hefty filings backlog. However, it remains to be seen whether the national registry’s human resources can keep up with this positive trend. Read blog


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