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Managing international media brands: exclusive interview with Jennifer Chung

World Trademark Review sits down with Jennifer Chung, who until recently was assistant general counsel at Time Inc. In a far-reaching interview, she tells us about the keys to smooth collaboration between legal and non-legal business departments, why she values curiosity above all else in outside counsel, and much more.

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“Generic drug-making is a fast-track business”: Sandoz trademark head reveals approach to IP management

In a wide-ranging interview, INTA’s president-elect and global head of trademarks for Sandoz, David Lossignol, talks about the challenges of managing pharmaceutical brand rights and the growing threat of IP restrictions...

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adidas takes anti-counterfeiting fight to Instagram sellers, highlights enforcement challenge faced by brands

adidas and Reebok International have filed a lawsuit against 53 sellers of alleged counterfeit goods on social media sites. For those not yet monitoring the platform, the action provides a reminder that Instagram...

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Groundbreaking paper suggests neuroscience could transform trademark strategies – both inside and outside the courtroom

​​​​​​​A new research paper foresees a future in which brain scans transform the current understanding of trademarks. We speak with the author on how so-called "neuromarks" could be used as evidence in...

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Private practitioner optimism falls as corporate clients demand more for less

This year’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey reveals that despite increasing levels of trademark work, pessimism is growing about the future of private practice, with budget-conscious clients demanding more from attorneys.

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“Flat is the new increase”: Adobe’s J Scott Evans on budget management, trademark risks and the future of WHOIS

We speak to J Scott Evans about his work as director of trademark and advertising law at Adobe Systems, as well his thoughts on the challenges created by budget cuts and the future of the WHOIS database.

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The online enforcement burden rises as new challenges emerge

This year’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey reveals that the online policing burden is intensifying, with new threats adding to the headache experienced by brand protection professionals.

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Developing a ‘.brand’ strategy: practical lessons from round one

The strategies used so far by owners of ‘.brand’ top-level domains in the first round - from full migrations to microsites - demonstrate just how widely it can be used.

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Ethical enforcement in an expanding online world

As debates over authenticity and privacy heat up and it becomes ever-more challenging to navigate the ethics, a new role for ‘.brand’ top-level domains is emerging.

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As SERIAL trademark is refused, research reveals podcast industry lags behind in brand protection

​​​​​​​A trademark application for the term SERIAL, filed by the creators of the popular podcast of the same name, has been refused. It comes as research reveals that many popular podcasts have no registered protection.

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Franchising in Indonesia: an enforcement overview

In the latest part of our series focusing on the legislative frameworks that govern franchising in Asia and South America, we discuss enforcement in Indonesia.

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Enforcement and termination of franchise agreements in the Philippines

We take a close look at the Philippines legislation governing the enforcement and termination of franchise agreements, as part of our series on franchising in Asia and South America.

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Thailand: franchising agreements and how to enforce them

As part of our deep dive into franchising in Asia and South America, we turn our attention to enforcement and termination rules in Thailand.

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Franchising: the legislative framework in Singapore and Malaysia

The rules governing franchise agreements vary greatly across Asia. Here, we look at the different legislation related to enforcement and termination in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Virtual reality trademark litigation predicted to rise, counsel urged to prepare now

​A major new research project from Perkins Coie explores expectations for the augmented and virtual reality markets – with 38% of technology experts predicting a rise in trademark-driven litigation in the future.

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Franchising and contract enforcement in Peru

In our series focusing on franchising across Asia and South America, we take a closer at the Peruvian legislation that governs contract enforcement and termination.

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Enforcing franchise agreements in Argentina: an overview

As part of our Asia and South America series, we provide an overview of the rules that govern the enforcement and termination of franchise agreements in Argentina.

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Protecting the TARDIS: exclusive insight into BBC Worldwide’s brand protection strategies

​​​​​​​For the second in our series of exclusive interviews, Diane Hamer of BBC Worldwide expands on the company’s efforts to guard against genericide and the challenges managing a brand as beloved as Doctor Who.

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Enforcing and terminating franchise agreements in Mexico

As part of our deep dive into franchising rules in Asia and South America, we outline the rules that govern enforcement and termination of franchise agreements in Mexico.

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Franchising in Chile: a guide to enforcement and termination

This series outlines the legislative framework for franchising in nine jurisdictions across Asia and South America. In this instalment, we focus on the enforcement and termination of agreements in Chile.

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WeChat reveals infringer demographics as anti-counterfeiting efforts stepped up

WeChat has issued a report outlining its anti-counterfeiting efforts and unveiling improvements to its Weixin Brand Protection Platform. Crucially, the report contains some interesting data for those fighting infringement on its platforms.

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