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Analysis: Strategic

Authorities should distinguish between ads and trademarks: exclusive interview with PepsiCo’s Sergio Barragan

We speaks with Sergio Barragan of beverage giant PepsiCo to discover his approach to managing the company’s extensive Latin American brand portfolio.

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Reputational risks on free speech social network Gab; research reveals scale of brand misuse

Research from World Trademark Review has found that many major brand names have been registered on "free speech social network" Gab, with related pages sometimes featuring homophobic and racist content.

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Beware the ‘clever cease and desist letter’ backlash

In our latest opinion column, we look at the trend towards creative cease and desist letters, and the risk that consumer sentiment will turn if these are deemed efforts at marketing one-upmanship.

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Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, LeBron James to LA Lakers: the brand perspective on major sporting moves

​​​​​​​The last week has seen NBA legend LeBron James and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo signing lucrative new deals. Experts say that the strong commercial brand of both players will justify the big dollars being...

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Time for non-tobacco brands to take the threat of plain packaging more seriously

In the first of a new regular opinion column, the onward march of plain packaging is examined. In the face of seemingly unstoppable momentum, now is the time to consider whether brands will remain on the sidelines or make their voices heard...

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Federer logo clash with Nike highlights contractual pitfalls for sports stars

This week the Wimbledon tennis tournament got underway, with media reports noting how reigning champion Roger Federer “stunned onlookers by turning out on Centre Court in Uniqlo gear”. The focus then turned to the absence of his often-used RF...

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How to maximise compensation in trademark infringement cases

In China, the standards and methods for determining compensation in trademark cases directly reflect judicial protection levels. However, canny rights holders can choose strategies to maximise the chances of higher awards.

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How brands should prepare for the big changes coming to Canada’s trademark market: exclusive data analysis

In our latest report, we delve into Canada’s trademark landscape. We examine how a major overhaul of its trademark laws may lead to a clogged up register, take a look at filing and litigation trends, and much more.

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Mental health in intellectual property – breaking down barriers

One factor which is frequently associated with mental health issues is work-related stress, something with which professionals in the IP industry are familiar. We look at how best to recognise and address this issue.

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Shame or litigate? New research argues that more rights holders will turn to ‘self-help’ enforcement

A new academic paper has predicted that content creators and rights holders will increasingly turn to “self-help” action in cases of infringement rather than initiate litigation. However, such an approach is not without...

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Riding the tidal wave: USPTO faces 10% rise in trademark applications

With a 10% rise in trademark applications mostly spurred by Chinese filings flooding the USPTO in 2017, questions have been raised about whether the office can cope with this influx – both now and in the future.

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“Successful strategy is rooted in looking forward”: Amazon on protecting the world’s most valuable brand

Exclusive insights from Dana Brown Northcott,’s associate general counsel, intellectual property.

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From rebranding efforts to ICANN advocacy work: inside Expedia Group’s IP function

Expedia Group has recently undergone a major rebrand. The group’s IP director explains how the team managed the change.

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“The right tools and people”: how Harley-Davidson ensures trademark success

How Harley-Davidson, winner of the WTR Industry Award for Europe, Middle East and Africa Team of the Year, takes a collaborative approach to brand protection.

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“Our small size may be a huge advantage”: how Lindt & Sprüngli AG approaches brand protection

Nicholas Studler, head of intellectual property at Lindt & Sprüngli AG, expands on his approach to internal relationship building and brand enforcement.

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Bitcoin, CNN and Elon Musk under attack: how scammers are stepping up their game

​​​​​​​An investigation from World Trademark Review has explored the evolving tactics of misleading and often malicious websites that pose as articles from well-known news outlets, with common trends including the use of cryptocurrency and...

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“Ruthlessly prioritise”: trademark management tips from Facebook

Exclusive insights from Kat Johnston, director and associate general counsel, intellectual property, at Facebook

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Ambush marketing may steal the headlines but new study shows brand benefits of official event sponsorship

New research has found a strong link between the impact of certain types of sponsorship assets and intangible rights on raising brand awareness.

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“Be willing to let go of absolutes”: Microsoft’s Elena M Grimme on the management of marks

An exclusive interview with Elena M Grimme, In-House Counsel of the Year at this year’s WTR Industry Awards.

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WTR Industry Award winner profile: Visa

In 2017 Visa, winner of the WTR Industry Awards Financial and Professional Services Team of the Year, was at the forefront of the intersection of brands and new technology.

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“It is rare for Google to be the plaintiff in a trademark litigation”: exclusive interview with the tech giant’s director of trademarks

Annabelle DanielVarda, legal director, trademarks at Google, provides the inside track on the company’s brand protection efforts.

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