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Groundbreaking paper suggests neuroscience could transform trademark strategies – both inside and outside the courtroom

​​​​​​​A new research paper foresees a future in which brain scans transform the current understanding of trademarks. We speak with the author on how so-called "neuromarks" could be used as evidence in IP disputes.

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Cybersquatting breaks all-time record high; '.com' still TLD of choice for cybersquatters

WIPO has issued a press release revealing that cybersquatting cases in 2017 reached an all-time high, with 3,074 cases filed in 2017 compared to 3,036 cases in 2016.

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Trademark activity dwindles as values rise in the engineering and construction industry: exclusive data analysis

In this week’s industry data report, World Trademark Review analyses the engineering and construction sector. We examine key trademark-related data and explore the positions of the leading brands in this space...

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Trademark trolls in Canada? Data reveals rise in “suspicious” applications are nearly all related to millionaire Gleissner

After recent reports of a steep rise in so-called “trademark trolls” in Canada, research suggests most are related to notorious trademark filer Michael Gleissner – leading to calls for the Canadian...

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Inside IP Australia’s digital transformation: from apps to brand-backed lending

​​​​​​​In an exclusive interview with World Trademark Review, the general manager of IP Australia’s innovation & technology group expands on how the office’s digital transformation is helping users and reveals some of the organisation's...

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United States slides, Germany continues to rule: counsel rate court systems across the globe

Despite being key litigation battlegrounds, counsel confidence in the court systems of China and the United States remains shaky.

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Customs concerns: counsel identify significant room for improvement in India, Iran and Turkey

Trademark counsel have had their say on the efficiency of customs authorities across the globe – with some of the largest importers of counterfeit goods giving cause for continued concern.

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Private practitioner optimism falls as corporate clients demand more for less

This year’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey reveals that despite increasing levels of trademark work, pessimism is growing about the future of private practice, with budget-conscious clients demanding more from attorneys.

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In-house counsel seek more support from law firms, exclusive survey reveals

This year’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey reveals that in-house trademark counsel are increasingly looking for outside support thanks to a rise in flexible pricing and higher standards of work.

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Trademark offices prepare for the future as users give poor performance grades

The performance levels of the Chinese, Brazilian and Indian trademark offices have clear room for improvement but change could be afoot.

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First draft of new trademark law: what are the main changes?

The Romanian Patent and Trademark Office has published the first draft of the new trademark law, which aims to transpose Directive 2015/2436 into national legislation. This update sums up the most important changes.

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Amendments to Industrial Property Law: what trademark owners and applicants need to know

The Mexican Senate has approved a bill that will substantially amend the provisions of the Industrial Property Law relating to trademarks. This update provides a summary of the main changes.

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Ethical enforcement in an expanding online world

As debates over authenticity and privacy heat up and it becomes ever-more challenging to navigate the ethics, a new role for ‘.brand’ top-level domains is emerging.

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Suspension of official fees payable by foreign entities: brand owners should stay alert

Although the payment of official fees to the Venezuelan IP office has been suspended temporarily, foreign brand owners should be prepared and ensure that their representatives are nevertheless sent the relevant fees.

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Franchising in Indonesia: an enforcement overview

In the latest part of our series focusing on the legislative frameworks that govern franchising in Asia and South America, we discuss enforcement in Indonesia.

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Enforcement and termination of franchise agreements in the Philippines

We take a close look at the Philippines legislation governing the enforcement and termination of franchise agreements, as part of our series on franchising in Asia and South America.

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“Trial of the century” or “tinfoil hat conspiracy”? War of words erupts over online filing models

LegalForce founder Raj Abhyanker has filed an amended complaint in his litigation battle with LegalZoom. In turn, LegalZoom has defended its practices but, with the USPTO also in Abhyanker’s sights, the case is one that trademark...

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Attorney urges businesses to “stand firm and plead bad faith” in Gleissner oppositions

An attorney who recently prevailed in an opposition against Michael Gleissner-linked trademark application explains why he worked the case “for the good of the system rather than profits”.

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Thailand: franchising agreements and how to enforce them

As part of our deep dive into franchising in Asia and South America, we turn our attention to enforcement and termination rules in Thailand.

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Franchising: the legislative framework in Singapore and Malaysia

The rules governing franchise agreements vary greatly across Asia. Here, we look at the different legislation related to enforcement and termination in Singapore and Malaysia.

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dotFM embraces emoji domain names

‘.fm’ is to join the handful of TLDs that are making emoji domain names available to register. dotFM has released a list of domain names for which it is inviting pre-launch "expressions of interest".

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