Russia Aleksey Zalesov

Senior Partner - Sojuzpatent

Aleksey Zalesov has been the leading litigation counsel at Sojuzpatent’s Moscow office since 2001. He has practised IP law since 1993 and has dealt with more than 150 patent and trademark litigations before Russian courts and administrative bodies. Dr Zalesov has prevailed in many precedent-setting cases, including:

  • the first successful online trademark enforcement action and recovery of damages;
  • the first successful instance of database copyright enforcement, with significant damages recovered;
  • the first pharmaceutical patent enforcement, with significant compensation for damages;
  • the first successful recovery of moral damages in a patent infringement case; and
  • the first successful enforcement of an appellation of origin.

Dr Zalesov specialises in patent litigation, but also supervises his associates’ trademark infringement and opposition practices. He is well known for successfully opposing patents that lead to criminal patent infringement charges.

Dr Zalesov’s client base includes many of Russia’s famous names, such as Izhevsky Zavod (manufacturer of the Kalashnikov machine gun) and the Russian Space Agency. In recent years, he has represented major foreign clients in court and the Chamber for Patent Disputes (eg, Ferrero, Porsche, Kia Motors, Nestlé, Seiko Epson, Dyson, Sony, Rado, Chelsea Football Club, Teva and Gedeon Richter).

In addition to an LLM from the Moscow Academy of Law and a PhD in law from the Russian Institute of Intellectual Property, Dr Zalesov holds a master’s in physics from the Moscow Physics Engineering Institute. He is registered as a Russian patent and trademark attorney and a Eurasian patent attorney. He serves as president of the Russian group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and is listed as a permanent arbitrator with the Commercial Arbitration Institution of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As a member of the Russian Institute of Intellectual Property and the Moscow Academy of Law (IP section), Dr Zalesov regularly contributes to academic studies in IP law.

Firm details

13 Building 5
Myasnitskaya Street
Moscow 101000

Contact details

T: +7 495 221 8880


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