United States: Florida


Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist PA
Lott & Fischer PL
Carlton Fields
Espinosa Trueba Martinez PL
GrayRobinson PA
Malloy & Malloy PA
Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist PA
“Huge competitor” Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist is an enduring presence on the Florida IP landscape. The “very skilled” team can tackle any and all matters, from reviewing contracts for franchise purchases to aggressively enforcing rights before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). The lion’s share of its trademark work is undertaken by “incredibly well-respected” and “greatly experienced” Ava Doppelt. The all-rounder always brings her A-game, whether dispensing filing advice or wowing courtrooms with her “talented litigation”. A mainstay of the trademark community, “she should be on top of anybody’s list”.
Carlton Fields
Punching well above its weight is the compact but effective Carlton Fields. The “solid IP team” is home to a phalanx of “seasoned trademark practitioners”. Thanks to the support offered by the firm’s redoubtable corporate group, its true metier is international transactional work. At the helm is Jill Sarnoff Riola, whose previous in-house experience makes her acutely alive to the needs and ambitions of her US and European clientele. The versatile practitioner operates across the spectrum, from prosecution to litigation and transactions. Working beside her is the admired Douglas McDonald, a veteran litigator who is also a dab hand at non-contentious briefs; he is closely involved in the prosecution of marks for major players in the retail sector.
Espinosa Trueba Martinez PL
Espinosa Trueba Martinez excels at securing cast-iron protection for brands around the world: it deftly manages several thousand marks in dozens of countries and can service clients in five languages. Strong alliances with Cuban firms exemplify its internationally minded approach; it leverages these to superb effect when working with restricted marks in Cuba – particularly useful as the market opens up with the lifting of the US embargo. Name partner Jorge Espinosa takes charge of trademark matters, whether in the Sunshine State or further afield. He is a trusted partner for many foreign associates; while his background as a computer programmer means he can speak the language of businesses in the technology sector.
GrayRobinson PA
Full-service GrayRobinson is a force to be reckoned with in IP disputes; it is hailed by peers for its staunch defence of clients’ interests, whether they be start-up companies or Fortune 500 powerhouses. Widely praised for his courtroom acumen, Stefan Stein has both “the litigation and analytical skills” to prevail in all manner of suits. As a triple board certified attorney in Florida, “he simply knows what he’s doing”. The “very capable” Debra Faulk also has abundant experience doing battle in the courts, having taken multimillion-dollar IP cases to trial; she is also celebrated for her robust prosecution practice.
Lott & Fischer PL
“Very well-respected” boutique Lott & Fischer indisputably ranks among the upper echelons of the Floridian market. The consistently high-quality, streamlined service on offer plays well with household brands such as Dell, Canon, GlaxoSmithKline and adidas. The “knowledgeable, ethical and diligent” Leslie Lott is “without question the queen of intellectual property in Florida”, according to one peer. Her “exceptional” advocacy skills make her “a pleasure to work with or be opposing counsel to”; she also has a real flair for mediation, thanks to her “excellent judgement and wonderful disposition”.
Malloy & Malloy PA
One of the oldest IP outfits in town, Malloy & Malloy has long been recognised as among the premier specialists in the state. Founded in 1959, it has always been laser focused on clients’ intangible assets, marrying an encyclopaedic understanding of both soft and hard IP law with refined commercial sensibilities. Rainmaker John Malloy III switches effortlessly between trial and appellate litigation and international portfolio management. The former chair of the International Trademark Association’s Model State Trademark Bill, he was hugely influential in the enactment of the state’s current trademark statute.


Ava K Doppelt - Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist PA
Leslie J Lott - Lott & Fischer PL
Jorge Espinosa - Espinosa Trueba Martinez PL
Debra Faulk - GrayRobinson PA
David Friedland - Friedland Vining PA
Frank R Jakes - Johnson, Blakely, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns PA
John Cyril Malloy III - Malloy & Malloy PA
C Douglas McDonald - Carlton Fields
Mark Passler - Akerman LLP
Jill Sarnoff Riola - Carlton Fields
Stefan Stein - GrayRobinson PA
Corey Cho - Saliwanchik Lloyd & Eisenschenk
Amber N Davis - Beusse Wolter Sanks & Maire, PLLC
David I Greenbaum - Fox Rothschild LLP
Gabrielle Holley - Holley & Menker
Brittany Maxey - Maxey Law Offices PLLC
James R Menker - Holley & Menker
Mark E Stein - Mark Stein Law

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