WTR weekly digest
14 December 2017
Editor's round-up
For our latest exclusive data analysis offering, we turned our attention to the retail sector. Our research revealed that the massive number of store closures in the United States belies the healthy growth of the wider sector, with the leading brands all exhibiting impressive growth in value. Elsewhere, we reported on a US Federal Court jury’s rejection of claims that the COMIC-CON trademark has become generic. Although the dispute has been billed as a major test case for questions surrounding genericide, one legal commentator told us that it will have more of an “atmospheric” than precedential impact – although it provides San Diego Comic-Con with a potent enforcement tool. We also presented practical takeaways from Brand Strategy China 2017, a high-level, industry-led exploration of brand protection and value creation strategies for businesses operating in China. Finally, with the year drawing to a close, we are revealing our trademark personalities of 2017 – identifying those who we feel have shaped the trademark news agenda or had significant impact on industry practice over the past 12 months. The first part of our list is available here.

Trevor Little

IAM Patent Licensing
Legal updates
European Union Swedish Match snuffs out ad for trademark infringement and violation of marketing act
European Union High Court upheld infringement claims against TURKY mark
European Union No time limit to cancel trademark registrations filed in bad faith
European Union Enforcing single-letter marks as purely figurative
European Union Court orders ‘anywhere in the world’ injunction against Twitter
European Union TTAB finds PRETZEL CRISPS to be generic – again
Thought Leadership
Global insight
China | Liu, Shen & Associates
Authors: Yinying Zhang, Qing Ge, Liqing Wan
The value of a patent is inextricably linked to the presence of both a patent attorney who is intimately familiar with the patent system and a technical solution with implementation prospects rooted in the complex workings of a technical expert. These two parties must maintain smooth communication to ensure that the innovative technology can be mined for optimal value. Read more
  Oliver Nilgen
Oliver Nilgen
In focus
Germany | Meissner Bolte
Author: Oliver Nilgen
The confectionery industry is awash with three-dimensional trademarks. However, EU case law demonstrates that brand owners face considerable difficulties registering and protecting their marks. Read more
WTR 1000 - jurisdictional analysis & rankings
Low oil prices and a strong US dollar have spelled trouble for Ecuador’s economy, which has entered into a recession that the International Monetary Fund expects will continue throughout 2017. Law firms – particularly those that focus on domestic clients – are thus experiencing reduced demand for their services. Read more
Featured firm
VILAU | ASSOCIATES offers integrated services to clients on a broad range of IP issues. Our IP practice has received various awards and focuses on IP advice and enforcement – litigation and arbitration – in relation to patents, trademarks, designs, trade names, domain names, advertising and marketing rights, copyright, know-how and unfair competition, data protection and custom enforcement. Read more
IPBC Europe 2018
IPBC Europe 2018
March 20-21 2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
After a long track record of delivering best-in-class IP value creation events, IAM is delighted to announce the inaugural IPBC Europe, taking place at the Hotel Okura, Amsterdam on March 20 and 21 2018. IPBC Europe is a first-of-its-kind event, developed by and for IP managers inside European companies looking to closely align IP and business strategies. It will focus specifically on the challenges IP executives face when devising and building sustainable IP value creation programmes. Read more