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WTR weekly digest January 11 2018
Editor's round-up
World Trademark Review issue 71
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World Trademark Review has reported extensively on the mysterious trademark activity of entrepreneur Michael Gleissner. This week we spoke to a business owner who recently prevailed against the serial filer in a 16-month trademark case. Telling us that he has yet to be paid the awarded legal costs, he expanded on the details of the dispute and called on IP offices to address the issue of “malicious action against legitimate trademarks” urgently. Elsewhere, we examined the latest available data from Lex Machina, which reveals that the downward trend in US trademark litigation filings continued in 2017. The 3,782 actions filed last year represents a nine-year low. With competition for the law firm dollar intensifying, the data reveals which firms are leading the representation rankings. We also reported on a letter, sent by bodies representing IP solicitors, barristers and chartered trademark and patent attorneys, urging the UK government to address key IP concerns related to Brexit. While limiting its list to five key areas of concern, the document warns that a multi-year transitional period will likely be required to reach a suitable solution.

Trevor Little

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WTR 300 2017
Legal updates
European Union Finnish court requests preliminary ruling regarding colour mark
European Union Non-distinctive trademark does not make the cut
European Union Clarification on stay of infringement proceedings
European Union CARTIER mark cancelled by EUIPO
European Union New international panels to be established in South Korean courts
European Union adidas wins latest dispute against H&M in Hague Court
European Union Reverse domain name hijacking leads to award of attorney fees
Market intelligence
  Claudio Barbosa
Claudio Barbosa
Global insight
Brazil | Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property
Authors: Claudio Barbosa, Nancy Caigawa, Rafael Lacaz Amaral
The Brazilian Constitution guarantees patent, trademark and copyrights as a means to secure the social and economic development of the country. Nevertheless, the use and registration of trademarks in Brazil are mainly regulated by the Industrial Property Act (Law 9 279/1996), which was enacted shortly after the ratification by Brazil of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. Brazil is also a signatory to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. Read more
  Brandy E Baker
Brandy E Baker
In focus
China | Kangxin Partners PC
Author: Brandy E Baker
With the rise of fake food in China and increasing levels of concern from the government and consumers, brand owners should act quickly to protect their IP rights from the fallout of counterfeiting. Read more
WTR 1000 - jurisdictional analysis & rankings
The Danish IP market remains relatively stable, with a cluster of familiar names populating this year’s tables. However, larger law firms are increasingly investing in their filing, portfolio management and brand protection practices – the traditional domain of the agencies. Competing against the vast resources of these international commercial players could spell trouble for agencies that are slow to react. Read more
Featured firm
  Bugnion SpA
Bugnion SpA
Bugnion SpA is a leading Italian IP firm. Founded in 1968 it has now 12 offices in Italy. Bugnion’s main field of expertise is obtaining and managing exclusive rights upon companies’ intellectual property (patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights). Bugnion and its network provides IP consulting and legal services: buying, selling, disputes, infringements, franchising and merchandising, licensing advices and the like. Read more
IPBC Europe 2018
IPBC Europe 2018
March 20-21 2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
After a long track record of delivering best-in-class IP value creation events, IAM is delighted to announce the inaugural IPBC Europe, taking place at the Hotel Okura, Amsterdam on March 20 and 21 2018. IPBC Europe is a first-of-its-kind event, developed by and for IP managers inside European companies looking to closely align IP and business strategies. It will focus specifically on the challenges IP executives face when devising and building sustainable IP value creation programmes. Read more