What the phish is going on?

By Akino Chikada and Stefanie Ellis

Phishing is a fact of life in the online world and a growing concern for brand owners, given that many phishers impersonate well-known brands and trademarks in order to gain the trust of their targets

Phishing no longer involves poorly spelled spam emails sent to massive lists in the hope of capturing a small percentage of click-throughs and banking credential submissions – it has evolved into highly advanced, targeted messages which use social engineering techniques to psychologically manipulate the typical consumer. What was primarily a financial services industry problem has become a much broader challenge across various industries. Our data shows that attacks on non-financial services companies have quadrupled since the beginning of 2014 (see Figure 1). Brands need to maintain constant vigilance to prevent damage to their reputations, while individuals and organisations must employ a range of proactive, robust steps to combat phishing. Monitoring and responding to phish attacks is a key part of both protecting brands from reputational damage and shielding customers from financial losses.

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