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World Trademark Review 22


Trademark management
Genericide or clever marketing?

The pace of change on the Internet means that a mark could potentially become generic within a matter of months. But is the use of a mark as a verb, so often the first step to ‘genericide’ in the past, now really such a bad thing? Is it time to allow marks “to verb up”? View PDF

Counterfeiting perspectives
Protecting fortress Europe

While brand owners seek a common approach to the treatment of goods in transit, counterfeiters are using the current rules to hide their tracks. Without urgent attention, the tide of fake goods could overwhelm rights holders’ defences View PDF

The view online
Internet service provider liability: the devil’s in the detail

At first glance, two recent landmark US decisions suggest a divergence in approach to online contributory trademark infringement. Scratch under the surface, though, and consistency in the application of previous rulings becomes apparent View PDF


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