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National Systems Bulgaria’s opposition system – the devil’s in the detail

Trademark counsel need to be aware of the nuances of the Bulgarian trademark opposition system in order to work out the best possible trademark strategy Full text

Attention rights holders: the lessons on genericism from Thermos remain critical

Designing, registering and promoting a trademark is only half the job. A successful mark runs a greater risk of becoming generic, and it is the rights holder’s responsibility to police the mark in today’s increasingly complex digital landscape Full text

Parody trademarks and the IP High Court – the Japanese experience

Under Japanese trademark law, the mere fact that a mark is a parody makes no difference when it comes to registrability. Applicants for parody marks should thus pay particular attention to issues of similarity, as well to the original mark’s level of fame Full text

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Online enforcement strategies largely unchanged as gTLDs roll-out continues

International - While new gTLD domain registrations have surpassed the half a million mark, less than a quarter of corporate trademark counsel have made changes to their online enforcement strategies in reaction to the gTLD expansion, according to World Trademark Review’s annual Global Benchmarking Survey. Read blog
Trevor Little | April 22 2014

Lawyers react to Commission recommendations on groundless threats reform

United Kingdom - The Law Commission has published its proposals for reform of the groundless threats regime, a move which one practitioner feels will help further encourage a ‘negotiate first, sue later’ approach in UK trademark disputes. Read blog
John van der Luit-Drummond | April 17 2014

When two become one – the complications of joint mark ownership

International - DC Comics and Marvel were in the news this week after a British author complained over a notice opposing the use of ‘Superhero’ in the title of his advice book "Business Zero to Superhero". In many respects this is a straight trademark dispute, but it does have an interesting dimension, the joint ownership of trademarks. Read blog
John van der Luit-Drummond | April 16 2014

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