In 2015, international brands successfully challenged plans to compel the positioning of French descriptions alongside trademarks when used in Quebec. This week, it emerged that the government intends to ask stores to use French signage on their facades. While the move does not go as far as previous plans, it has sparked intense political debate – with opposition figures calling for the government to revisit and strengthen plans to compel companies to adopt French descriptions.

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RE: Row over French descriptions on trademarks reignited in Quebec

AAs is clear in Canad's Constitution - the English language is and always was an Official Language in ALL Provinces and is a Federal Guarantee and Right for All Canadians to use, work in, live in and be serviced in. The Statutes Of Lawmaking Rules and Regulations - make it clear that Language Rights and freedoms include BOTH languages - and NO Provincial Government has any right to diminish or as in Quebec's case "erase" our English Language and declare the Province French only! All done without our required knowledge and consent - as made clear in our Constitution. Language, Health etc... are "Public Laws"... laws and rights guaranteed to ALL Canadians and fall under Federal Protections/Guarantees. The erasure of our English language - our English Media - our ability to work and/or be served "Fully"... in it - are and have been a horrific - violation and horrific abuse of power that Quebec "Politicians".... took upon themselves to "force upon us". And sadly done - while the Federal government and Senate - looked the other way - instead of doing their sworn duty demanding these "discrimination made legal in Quebec " - (see Ethnic Cleansing definition) 'language laws'... be denounced and abolished and the politicians (See Statutes) be removed from their positions for grossly abusing their "Limited and Temporary Powers". These language loi's are in fact "Null and Void and Ineffective", (See Statutes full version currently hidden from public view - also illegal)). Of course to date no mainstream Media has ever addressed this 'Ethnic Cleansing "issue".... they instead refer to these disgraceful acts - as "Protecting the French language"... the LIE given the French language has never been in any danger and has in fact grown at an "historic linguistic speed"... . These language (sic) have resulted in I repeat being blocked out of the workforce, having patients especially helpless seniors DENIED heath care in self professed French Hospitals - being slurred and shunned and denied Equal Rights protections of any kind and all our rights and freedoms - "erased"... The 2 Million English speaking population of mostly Greater Montreal are forced to live in a nomans land ... with nowhere to go for help.

Therefore this utter and typical longstanding lunacy about French being on signs - is beyond belief. Know that the "Language Police" that terrify and threaten all businesses throughout Greater Montreal... into "removing all/any English", of "All signs"... notwithstanding I repeat - illegally declaring Quebec a French only Province - is what should and must be addressed, no?

The "hot potato no one discusses is that because of these demented "language laws".... Quebec has and will continue to sink into the "financial sewer"... business closures - highest taxes, least services - nightmare it is today. That is what has "destroyed business and erased investment"... and not some freaking idiotic "having French descriptors on signs". Good grief !!

Forgive any typos.

Didi Miesen, on 16 Apr 2016 @ 19:43

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