Trevor Little

The World Trademark Review Yearbook provides legal professionals worldwide with a simple, easy-to-use guide on the structure of trademark regulations in key jurisdictions across the globe. The 10th edition, which includes an interactive online comparison tool which allows practitioners to directly compare trademark procedures in up to four countries, is now available online.

Over the past decade, the publication has firmly established itself as an essential guide to trademark law, providing comparative insights into the pertinent issues in different countries. In this latest edition we present in-depth analysis of trademark law in 26 key jurisdictions, as well as special focus chapters on practical enforcement strategies for maintaining brand integrity in the social media environment, protecting rights at the borders and balancing efficiency, expertise and protection in the current trademark environment. Elsewhere we present analysis of how to effectively manage major brand projects, spanning trademark clearance, assignment, name change recordals and renewals.

Although the yearbook does not seek to provide specific legal advice and should not be read as such, it does provide a detailed comparison of some of the most important aspects of trademark law around the world, making it a truly indispensable resource.

You can access the latest edition here.   


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