As Amazon faces a growing chorus of voices demanding that it does more to address its problem with fake goods, there are rumours that the company is working on a new anti-counterfeiting strategy.

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RE: Amazon lines up new plan to fight fakes – but detail all important in bid to win over brand owners

Being a customer who has been shopping with Amazon for 15+ years or so, I am quickly losing all confidence in the site & owners. I rely heavily on the ability to buy things from the site, being disabled & unable to shop in physical stores, so this is severely affecting me. I am really actually tired of not so much the counterfeits, as the straight up garbage being sold directly to us from China, along with the counterfeit products. Most of the products using stolen images from other people.

The only real solution I can think of right now, is completely blocking all China-based IP addresses from selling, at least on the .com version of the site. Also, preventing sellers from using VPN's or proxies. Yes, this will be met with a little anger from people there, but since these problems are almost entirely from there, I don't understand why this isn't the first thing they are doing. They could eliminate the majority of these fakes & the chemically-laden products being sold to unknowing customers (which, btw, is another issue they need to address, by allowing us to see where products are being shipped from to us, and where sellers are located) who think they're getting something worth paying for.

What puzzles me is the amount of these products actually being fulfilled BY Amazon itself. If they are truly against all of it, and trying to fix the issue, why are they still fulfilling so many of these products?

Sharky Clemens, on 07 Jan 2017 @ 13:40

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