21 Jul 2017

Trademark industry’s corporate trailblazers profiled in unique research project

World Trademark Review is pleased to announce the publication of the enhanced version of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals. This unique resource identifies the in-house experts deemed to be performing trademark-related duties to the highest standards, and features profiles of many of the industry’s leading lights. Read blog

20 Jul 2017

Food brands in India abandoning registered rights to avoid “trademark tax”; expert decries short-sighted reaction

Reports have emerged of a number of food traders in India giving up their registered trademarks to avoid a newly implemented 5% goods and services tax. One senior IP expert confirmed to World Trademark Review that this new tax affects both domestic and international companies, but accused companies giving up trademark registrations as taking a “myopic outlook” as the benefits of a trademark far outweigh a 5% tax outlay. Read blog

18 Jul 2017

Biggest marketplace on the darknet taken down by authorities; illicit goods and counterfeits still rampant

The most popular destination to trade illegal goods on the darknet, AlphaBay, has gone offline following law enforcement action by authorities in the United States, Canada and Thailand. For rights holders that have been tackling illicit goods on the darknet, this could be viewed as a blessing – but as the shutdown of the Silk Road marketplace demonstrated, users will soon flock to other markets. Exclusive research by World Trademark Review confirms that there are still thousands of counterfeit goods on sale on other darknet sites. Read blog

18 Jul 2017

Fees rise as trademark operations resume in northern Iraq; counterfeit problems persist

The Trademark Office in the northern Iraq region of Kurdistan has reopened its doors to trademark applications following a temporary suspension of operations. While costs have risen, the market should be on the radar of counsel as the market expands and counterfeiters look to capitalise. Read blog

17 Jul 2017

Final chance to participate in our exclusive EUIPO user survey

World Trademark Review is seeking user views on the EU Intellectual Property Office’s operations and performance levels in the past 12 months, as well as perspectives on some of the bigger issues impacting European trademark practice. The survey closes on Wednesday (19 July) so act now to have your voice heard. Read blog

17 Jul 2017

From taskforces to formal codes of conduct: how Lacoste, AIG and Intel manage internal trademark positioning

Building an understanding and appreciation of trademarks across the corporate structure is a significant challenge for many corporate counsel. However, it isn’t an impossible mission and a number of this year’s WTR Awards winners have expanded on how the legal function in their organisation has been positioned as a meaningful business partner rather than remaining in a legal silo. Read blog

13 Jul 2017

US trademark litigation slump continues as clients seek new and additional levels of service

Last November, we reported that the projected number of US trademark litigation suits for 2016 would represent the lowest in more than a decade. While the final number – 3,587 – was marginally higher than projected, the number of litigation filings was indeed at its lowest since 2001. As we enter the second half of 2017, it appears that the downward trend is continuing into 2017 and looks set to be a new record low. Read blog

13 Jul 2017

‘Michaeled’ bags, ‘Okly’ sunglasses; how counterfeiters are using "brand codewords" to get around marketplace filters

Sellers of counterfeits and imitation products on various online marketplaces are adopting brand-based keywords to avoid being caught by search filters implemented to identify and remove listings for fake goods. While the use of keywords is an extra hurdle that brand owners must overcome when enforcing against counterfeits, it also demonstrates the extra effort that sellers must now go to due to additional rights protection mechanisms being implemented by e-commerce platforms. Read blog

12 Jul 2017

Time to fight back: as law firm files suit against trademark solicitation operator, industry urged to do more

Leason Ellis has filed a lawsuit against the Patent and Trademark Association, alleging that it is seeking to confuse trademark owners into purchasing listings on a private trademark database that “provides no extrinsic value”. The move is the latest in a continued effort against trademark solicitation campaigns, with a new call for coordinated action between governmental actors, associations and private practitioners in a bid to combat a worsening problem. Read blog

11 Jul 2017

Speculate to accumulate: CPA Global steps up Asia investment after reports that company is mulling sale

CPA Global has announced an undisclosed investment in Korean IP services provider Markpro. The move comes after recent reports that the company is exploring a possible sale or flotation of the business. In that context, this week’s move to step up Asian market penetration should not come as a surprise to industry analysts. Read blog


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