22 Sep 2017

Alibaba unveils brand advisory board; local commentators positive but seek additional detail

This week, Alibaba’s Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (AACA) announced the creation of a brand advisory board to facilitate greater collaboration between the ecommerce giant and AACA members on the protection of intellectual property rights. One brand protection leader for a major international company has welcomed the development, but hopes that “truly new” approaches to anti-counterfeiting are the result rather than extensions of current programmes. Read blog

22 Sep 2017

Netlix and Escobar family’s trademark tussle, registration fall in new gTLDs and IP in Westeros: news round-up

In today’s news round-up, we look at the trademark dispute between the Escobar family and Netflix, a lawsuit between two Fish IP firms, Gene Simmons’ pledge to trademark oxygen and the significant proportion of new gTLDs that have seen a drop in registrations in the past 12 months. Read blog

22 Sep 2017

Current approaches to online counterfeiting ineffective, international harmonisation needed, WIPO study suggests

A major new study of approaches to online trademark infringement has highlighted significant limitations in prevailing responses to the issue. Underscoring the manifold difficulties of tackling counterfeiting in a borderless online environment, it argues that only a more harmonised approach, based on consistent legal and technical standards, can make significant headway against the problem. Read blog

21 Sep 2017

Nominations open for the WTR Industry Awards 2018 and second edition of the WTR 300

World Trademark Review is now inviting nominations for its extensive annual research project, designed to identify the world’s leading corporate trademark counsel and teams. Nominate now to ensure that the important work undertaken by in-house professionals across the globe receives the recognition it deserves. Read blog

20 Sep 2017

New opportunities for GI protection in Canada; food brands warned to tread carefully

Major changes to Canada’s system of geographical indication (GI) rights come into force this week as a result of amendments to the country’s Trademarks Act. The range of goods eligible for GI rights will expand significantly, and compliance with the new protections will become more onerous. While playing to the advantage of famous regional producers, the reforms create risks and liabilities for many food businesses previously unaffected by GI rules. Read blog

20 Sep 2017

“Not bloody easy” – Czech IPO president urges EU Commission and IP5 to take stronger action against trademark invoice scams

Czech Republic Industrial Property Office President Josef Kratochvil has issued a strong warning about the “very dangerous” activities of entities sending fraudulent solicitations to trademark applicants. Speaking to World Trademark Review, the respected IP expert urged the EU Commission to include the issue on its list of crimes, and for more joint action from leading IP offices. Read blog

19 Sep 2017

“Super classy” Netflix cease-and-desist letter shows how to boost goodwill while tackling infringement

A cease-and-desist letter sent by Netflix to a bar that was using its trademark without permission has drawn effusive praise from online media outlets. The streaming service adopted a good-humoured approach and, in doing so, has shown how large brands can avoid accusations of trademark bullying when enforcing their rights. Read blog

19 Sep 2017

New trademark scam, Amiga brand scramble and plain packaging in Canada: news round-up

Every Tuesday and Friday World Trademark Review presents a round-up of news, developments and insights from across the trademark sphere. In the latest edition, we look at the Office of the US Trade Representative reviewing Thailand’s IP status, Canada's advance towards introducing plain packaging, a luxurious approach to generic top-level domain pricing and a scramble for the Amiga trademark. Read blog

19 Sep 2017

Argentina trademark fees set to increase upwards of 50% as government attempts to curb inflation

Brand owners wishing to protect their trademark rights in Argentina should prepare for increased costs, as the country’s IP office recently implemented a two-stage set of fee rises. The changes, which will be fully implemented from October 1, see some filing fees rise by over 50%. Read blog

18 Sep 2017

New study claims Slender Man is in the commons, argues assertion of trademark rights “chills creativity”

A new academic paper studying the IP status of internet folklore argues that online community-created works are in the commons. It suggests that claims of ownership – under both copyright and trademark law – harm the public by depriving it of more creative works. The research focuses primarily on Slender Man and predicts that the release of a major Hollywood movie next year could lead to entities seeking to “exclusively own” the horror character. Read blog


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