24 Mar 2017

New study reveals young EU citizens buying more counterfeits, becoming less convinced fakes are damaging

A new study into the way EU citizens perceive IP rights has revealed a widespread and growing respect for IP across Europe. However, the figures in relation to young people (aged between 15 and 24) make for less positive reading, highlighting a worrying increase in the intentional purchasing of counterfeit goods and a growing acceptability of fakes. Read blog

23 Mar 2017

15 years at the top: China’s trademark office received a record-breaking 3.7 million applications last year

The State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) – the regulatory body that encompasses China’s national trademark office – announced some headline figures for 2016 yesterday. China continues to lead the world in trademark filings and year-to-year growth shows no sign of slowing down. Read blog

21 Mar 2017

Exclusive survey reveals IACC member sentiment: broadly positive but concerns linger over transparency

An exclusive survey, conducted in the past fortnight by World Trademark Review, has revealed that members of the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition have a mostly positive opinion about the organisation and its trajectory. But while its programmes were rated highly by survey respondents – especially in regards to training and lobbying efforts – concern was expressed around the organisation’s leadership and a perceived lack of transparency. Read blog

20 Mar 2017

Alibaba counters critical New York Times piece – but e-commerce's counterfeit problem is now a mainstream issue

World Trademark Review has covered the topic of counterfeiting for over 15 years, but it is only in the past year or so that the illicit trade in IP-infringing fakes seems to have become a topic of regular interest for the wider media. Last week, the New York Times delved into the subject, but in doing so it provoked the ire of e-commerce giant Alibaba. Read blog

17 Mar 2017

‘.feedback’ hit with breach notification after brand complaints; ICANN urged to take stronger stance (updated)

ICANN has informed the operator of the ‘.feedback’ TLD that it is in breach of its registry agreement, the first instance a registry has been found in breach of its ICANN compliance obligations as a result of a public interest commitment dispute resolution procedure (PICDRP) complaint. However, while characterising the move as “positive”, one of the parties to the complaint has criticised the scope of the panel’s review and hit out at ICANN for not taking stronger action. Read blog

16 Mar 2017

Cybersquatting cases hit record level, with Philip Morris revealed as most active UDRP filer

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) case filings at WIPO have busted through the 3,000 barrier for the first time, with Philip Morris, AB Electrolux, Hugo Boss, Lego and Michelin revealed as the top complainants. Read blog

15 Mar 2017

Madrid System continues strong growth as Zimbabwe finally moves forward with ratification

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has released its latest filing figures report for international trademark applications. The data reveals a healthy 7.2% growth in 2016, with a significant rise in Chinese applicants using the system. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe this week set in process the ratification of the Madrid Protocol – two years after WIPO announced it joined. Read blog

15 Mar 2017

Study reveals that new gTLDs comprise seven of the top 10 domains used by spammers

Preliminary findings of research conducted by IBM indicate that new gTLDs are among the most widely used top-level domains in email spamming activities. With spam containing malicious attachments on the rise, the report notes that new gTLDs are becoming more popular because they allow spammers to vary their domain URLs and thus bypass spam filters. Read blog

13 Mar 2017

Top Chinese business leaders unite in call for stricter anti-counterfeiting measures

China’s top lawmakers met in Beijing last week for their annual plenary session, and the perennial issue of counterfeiting was up for discussion – both within the legislative chamber and on the sidelines of the main event. In the run-up, several major players from Chinese industry called for stronger penalties for trademark infringement and counterfeiting offences. Read blog

13 Mar 2017

IP professionals hit back after new call to rethink online trademark protection mechanisms

A letter, co-signed by 21 law professors and practitioners, has slammed the “expansive protections recently demanded by trademark owners”, which they argue “are inconsistent with basic propositions of trademark law”. In response, leading commentators have hit back at the “misleading and inaccurate” arguments made in the letter. Read blog


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