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We provide unparalleled analysis of new risks and opportunities, key emerging markets, case law and the crucial issues shaping and affecting the fast evolving trademark landscape.


World Trademark Review not only provides intelligence about the latest industry and legal developments, but explores why they are happening and assesses their practical business impact.

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We are universally acknowledged as the world’s leading trademark intelligence platform due to our unrivalled coverage of breaking developments and international issues, and our role in supporting strategic decision making.


Our team of analysts specialises in trademarks, ensuring that we cover the issues that truly matter to practitioners, with our deep-dive analysis delivering actionable takeaways to benefit your business and practice.

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World Trademark Review is the only dedicated independent intelligence service providing unique business and legal insight for trademark professionals internationally.

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We provide a forward-looking perspective on new opportunities and threats affecting the global trademark industry, supporting value creation and helping brand professionals avoid costly missteps.


World Trademark Review is uniquely positioned to provide practical intelligence for the management of trademark operations, helping clients to benchmark performance against market-leading organisations and improve operational efficiency.


Our committed focus enables us to truly understand how market developments will affect and offer new commercial opportunities to both rights holders and the law firm practitioners with whom they collaborate.

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Our team of full-time analysts boasts unrivalled expertise, covering the issues that truly matter to brand professionals and their advisers.

Trevor Little

Trevor Little

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Tim Lince

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Adam Houldsworth

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Timothy Au

Data reporter
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Lise Charles

Editor – WTR Daily

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