Legal updates

European Union
OCTASA held to be similar to PENTASA
In Tillots Pharma AG v EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the EU General Court confirmed the EUIPO Fourth Board of Appeal’s decision that two signs were confusingly similar under Article 8(1)(b) of the EU Trademark Regulation where the goods compared were identical and there was a degree of similarity between the signs.
United States
TTAB defers to the courts on trademark infringement claims
The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) decision in Entrepreneur Media, Inc v D Nicole Enterprises, LLC highlights how litigants can successfully pursue parallel actions in both the federal court and the TTAB in order to seek injunctive remedies for trademark infringement and preclude federal trademark registration to the client’s advantage.
E-filing of industrial property applications in Vietnam
The National Office of Intellectual Property has launched an online filing portal for industrial property applications, which is currently on trial and being developed to run more efficiently, especially with regard to payment procedures.


21 Jul 2017
Trademark industry’s corporate trailblazers profiled in unique research project
World Trademark Review is pleased to announce the publication of the enhanced version of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals. This unique resource identifies the in-house experts deemed to be performing trademark-related duties to the highest standards, and features profiles of many of the industry’s leading lights.
20 Jul 2017
Food brands in India abandoning registered rights to avoid “trademark tax”; expert decries short-sighted reaction
Reports have emerged of a number of food traders in India giving up their registered trademarks to avoid a newly implemented 5% goods and services tax. One senior IP expert confirmed to World Trademark Review that this new tax affects both domestic and international companies, but accused companies giving up trademark registrations as taking a “myopic outlook” as the benefits of a trademark far outweigh a 5% tax outlay.
18 Jul 2017
Biggest marketplace on the darknet taken down by authorities; illicit goods and counterfeits still rampant
The most popular destination to trade illegal goods on the darknet, AlphaBay, has gone offline following law enforcement action by authorities in the United States, Canada and Thailand. For rights holders that have been tackling illicit goods on the darknet, this could be viewed as a blessing – but as the shutdown of the Silk Road marketplace demonstrated, users will soon flock to other markets. Exclusive research by World Trademark Review confirms that there are still thousands of counterfeit goods on sale on other darknet sites.

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