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Study reveals new gTLD usage patterns, but treat figures with caution

International - New research from Verisign has revealed that only 3% of the second-level domains registered in new gTLDs contain business websites, with pay-per-click usage dwarfing that level. However, there are some caveats to consider. Read blog
Trevor Little | August 14 2014

Assumptions in recent trademark studies slammed

United States - New research has laid into the assumptions used in recent studies evidencing the positive economic impact of intellectual property. The paper, carried out by Eli Dourado and Ian Robinson of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, is specifically critical of US research projects that it feels make a “substantial leap from the fact that IP exists within a particular industry to the conclusion that job creation and employment in that industry hinge on strong IP protections”. Read blog
Trevor Little | August 11 2014

Holograms in 2014: A mixed response on the future of holography

International - With new innovations emerging in anti-counterfeiting and authentication, especially surrounding security methods being developed to combat the counterfeit threat of 3D printing, a natural question to ask is where this leaves the humble hologram. We talk to commentators about the future of holography. Read blog
Tim Lince | August 11 2014

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The Anti-counterfeiting Group (ACG) is a not-for-profit trade association, recognized as a leading authority on the worldwide trade in fakes. ACG was founded in the United Kingdom in 1980 with just 18 members in the automotive industry, who discovered that they all had a common problem with counterfeit parts. We now represent nearly 200 organizations globally, operating in, or providing specialist advice to, most industry sectors where counterfeiting is an issue.

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