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Art and advertising – are they compatible?

The advertising world has long drawn inspiration from great works of art. However, advertisers need to ensure that they secure the right permissions to use artworks in ads, including moral rights, which have no equivalent in trademark law Full text

Colour marks in the United States and the European Union: history, landmarks and evolution

Companies are increasingly making deliberate and consistent use of colours and colour combinations. While fears over monopolisation once impeded progress, today the US and EU colour mark doctrines strike a balance between protection and competition Full text

Market Focus Asia-Pacific

As jurisdictions align their trademark regimes with international standards and exciting economic developments unfold across the region, interest in Asia-Pacific is at an all-time high Full text

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Lawyers react to Commission recommendations on groundless threats reform

United Kingdom - The Law Commission has published its proposals for reform of the groundless threats regime, a move which one practitioner feels will help further encourage a ‘negotiate first, sue later’ approach in UK trademark disputes. Read blog
John van der Luit-Drummond | April 17 2014

When two become one – the complications of joint mark ownership

International - DC Comics and Marvel were in the news this week after a British author complained over a notice opposing the use of ‘Superhero’ in the title of his advice book "Business Zero to Superhero". In many respects this is a straight trademark dispute, but it does have an interesting dimension, the joint ownership of trademarks. Read blog
John van der Luit-Drummond | April 16 2014

Quebec Superior Court sides with brands on treatment of trademarks

Canada - The Quebec Superior Court has ruled in Magasins Best Buy Ltée v Office Québécois de la langue française, a case that centres on whether stores with non-French commercial signs must additionally display generic terms describing the store’s product or service offering in French. Read blog
Trevor Little | April 14 2014

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